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Junk Mail Jewelry

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Junk mail jewelry is so brilliant because it turns the annoying junk in our mailboxes into welcome craft material!

junk mail jewelry

And by the way, there is a free printable with this, so read on!

If you are going to put unsolicited junk mail through my door, prepare to see it on YouTube made into junk mail jewelry!

So thank you to the jewlery store scouring the UK for ‘old jewlery’ and ‘old watches’, who put this lovely glossy flyer through my letterbox.

junk mail jewelry
It was printed on beautiful glossy paper of a reasonable thickness and made enough pretty paper beads to make a bracelet.

It may not have the luxury feel or look of your very expensive jewlery but it’s all I need to keep me happy, because I made it myself.

Nothing pleases me more than upcycling a marketing flyer that I didn’t ask for and am not interested in.

I’m guessing this marketing material costs a huge amount to print, so it’s very kind of people to put it through my door. 😂

I especially love these gatefold flyers that open out to A4 as they are so easy to cut up into useable paper bead strips using my paper bead template.

So thank you to all the creators of junk mail – we can use it for jewelry, for free!

I am much obliged and I have made a very short YouTube video of the transition from junk mail leaflet to a pretty, durable bracelet I wear every day.

Making this bracelet reminded me of how I used to go out looking for high quality marketing flyers in stores to use for paper beads.

I used to go out on free paper collecting trips and return with loads of beautiful paper for FREE!

It’s been ages since I have done that and this piece of junk mail reminded me of the fun I used to have.

John Lewis here in the UK seems to use good quality matte paper in a lot of their marketing material.

Another of my favourite free paper tricks was to gather wallpaper samples.

You can go back in time here to see what happened on a trip to The Range when I found a piece of discarded scap wall-paper on the floor.🤣

See what I did with this scrap!

In the more recent video, you see me using my paper bead strip stencil to quickly and evenly draw out my strips.

I do sell those, and also the bead rolling tool I use, in my etsy shop.

My 3mm paper bead rolling tool – I also do a 5mm tool for European style beads.
My paper bead strip stencil in four sizes.

Using the tool and template to make junk mail jewelry is not essential but it does speed things up if you do.

Junk resources used to be a big part of my crafting practice but I strayed away from it a bit in recent years.

That’s because I’m always trying new things or making my own painted papers – which brings me to the free printable I have made for you this time. It isn’t related to junk jewelry but you can always print it out on the back of any good quality scrap paper you were going to throw away.

If you use my free printables please take time to read my the Terms & Conditions of downloading and using them.

There aren’t many Ts & Cs but please respect the ones I do have – thank you.

You can get the free printable over on Google Drive by clicking here.

There are lots more free printables you may like to use, here.

This is the free printable I have with this post, along with the cut strips and the rolled beads.

It isn’t related to the bracelet I made in my video short because obviously, I can’t copy a marketing flyer without being in a lot of trouble!

Just keep an eye out for colorful marketing flyers in your mailbox and do what I did to get unique paper beads.

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That way you will know when I publish new content, tutorials and free printables.

Thanks for reading this and have fun with making junk mail jewlery!