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Paper Bead Recycling

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paper bead ideas

Paper bead ideas using scraps of paper off a shop floor!

Paper bead recycling – make something beautiful from rubbish.

Wherever I go, I am always thinking of new paper bead ideas.

A few weeks back, I was in The Range in a town in Hampshire UK.

I was looking at all the enticing art and craft supplies as usual but not seeing quite what I wanted.

Pretty as pre-printed paper is, I love the challenge of making paper beads from the unusual and the unwanted.

Imagine my joy when I found this scrap in a garbage bin with a load of junk that had been swept up off the floor!

paper bead ideas

Paper bead recycling is so satisfying.

I pounced on the bin, much to the surprise of my friend, and removed two scrappy pieces of wall paper that had clearly been ripped off a sample rolls and then left on the floor.

But then I had a dilemma. Would it be shop-lifting if I walked out with stuff I had taken out of the bin?

So I walked over to the two young lads who worked in that area and wait my turn to speak.

They were having a two man impromptu staff meeting near the wall paper display.

I asked if I could please have these two pieces of rubbish that I had removed from their bin.

There was a stunned silence as they looked first at me then each other and then back at me.

“I want to make paper beads from it” I said hoping to clarify the situation for them. It didn’t.

Then I realised, they were confused that someone was asking if they could have two scraps of rubbish.

Yes, they said, while slowly nodding and staring at me as if they might be on a prank TV show.

I walked away a very happy woman having just got the best craft material in the store – for free.

paper bead ideas
And here are the paper beads I created with my free resource…
paper bead ideas
…and here is the necklace I made from the beads.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make beautiful things.

So now you need to go forth and find junk to make stuff out of.

Forget expensive papers, when it comes to paper bead ideas, absolutely anything you can roll will do the trick.

Paper Bead Making Tools

free printable designs

The Original Easy Beady Paper Bead Making Tool is my own design and is manufactured in my own workshops.

I am currently only sell these if people message me on Facebook.

Update in May 2024: I will soon be publishing a special post about paper bead tools.
I am not sure when it will be but subscribe here and you will be notified of new posts.

If you decide to get into paper bead making, make sure you get the Original Easy Beady Tool.

It is robustly made in my workshop to ensure durability.

The handles are chunky and easier to hold for older hands than the slimmer versions being sold online.

Try out these tools, you will find them much easier to use than messing around with other implements.

The paper will not slip and you can wind the strips very tightly.

Have fun making millions of pretty paper beads!

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