Paper Bead Workshops

Paper bead workshops are an exciting way to learn how to turn junk into something very feminine and pretty.

Many people have complimented me on my paper jewellery - mostly all made from junk mail, store flyers, brochures, paper bags or my own artwork.

Once you have done my two workshops, you too will be able to create some stunning beads.

Each person who attends gets to use one of the tools I designed that make the process easier. They also have the option of buying a brand new tool, still in the packaging, for £5.50 at the end of the class.

Contact me today via the contact form to find out more.

To see examples of the beautiful jewellery you can make from junk and your own artwork, click here.

Paper Bead Workshops - Beginners

Paper bead workshops for absolute beginners.

This workshop is a basic 3 Hour session on understanding paper bead making.
This is a fun workshop for people who want to socialise with others while learning the basics of paper bead making. By the end of the class you will understand what tools and materials are needed to make paper beads and you will have made a bracelet to take home. This is a relaxed social workshop which includes chatting over coffee and biscuits in a friendly atmosphere in a bright, modern classroom. The cost is £15 per person (includes the use of my bead making tool and the chance to buy one for £5.50). Workshops are held in Felixstowe, Suffolk.

Paper Bead Workshops - Advanced

Paper bead workshops for more advanced students who have done the basic class.

This follows on from workshop 1. You will learn techniques for making different kinds of beads. This is also a relaxed social workshop. Coffee and biscuits will be served. By the end of the workshop you will have made your first bracelet. The cost is £18 per person and includes all materials - you can bring the bead tool from the first class if you purchased one, however tools are available to use if you do not have one. Workshops are held in Felixstowe, Suffolk.

If you want to attend a workshop - fill in the contact form and give me a number where I can call you or an email address.  Paper bead workshops are great fun, however I also do one-to-one tuition for people who prefer to learn that way.

paper bead workshops.


paper bead workshops




Paper Bead Workshops are held AM, PM and in the evening.


Morning classes 10am - 1.00pm  

Afternoon classes 2pm - 5.00

Evening classes 6.30pm - 9.30pm 

For examples of my work click here

Paper bead workshops are especially good for people who believe they are 'no good' at crafts.