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Easter Free Printables!

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My Easter free printables are now available for crafters to download and get busy creating lots of spring craft projects.

The link to the free bundle will be at the end of this post.

You can download and print the pdfs to cut up and use in your projects or, use the individual png files in your digital designs.

easter free printables
My Easter free printable bundle – for printed or digital projects.
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Chinese New Year Free Printable!

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Chinese New Year 2024 celebrates the Year of the Dragon.

The free printable with 15 Year of the Dragon images

In celebration of this, I have created a free printable you can use in your crafts all year – the link is further down.

This Chinese New Year free printable has 15 square images of dragons you can use in your crafts.

The printable sheet comes in A4 and US Letter sizes and there is a choice of formats to suit your needs.

There are three formats, PDF, JPG and PNG.

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Jewelled Paper Beads

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Jewelled paper beads may not be everyone’s cup of tea but bling lovers will adore them!

Because paper beads can get a bit samey if we don’t get slightly adventurous now and then.

And with the holiday season ahead of us, lets give the sparkley lights something to reflect off!

jewelled paper beads
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Does Alcohol Ink Fade?

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Does alcohol ink fade? That was a question a viewer on my YouTube channel asked me with regard to one of my videos.

In case regular readers are wondering, there is a free printable with this post – the link is at the end.

It’s been seven years since I posted my first video showing how I make my alcohol ink pendants.

do alcohol inks fade
The alcohol ink pendants I made seven years ago.
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Junk Mail Jewelry

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Junk mail jewelry is so brilliant because it turns the annoying junk in our mailboxes into welcome craft material!

junk mail jewelry

And by the way, there is a free printable with this, so read on!

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Positive Affirmations -They Matter!

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Positive affirmations – hmmm 🤔 the term can sound a bit New Age but, positive self-talk has never been more important.

But if the term ‘positive affirmations’ sounds too pretentious and New Age Hippy-ish – just think of it the way I do – it’s simply saying nice things to yourself.

(Please note there are two positive affirmation free printables available at the end of this post.)
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Paper Beads Design For You

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Paper beads design is something I really love, which is why I give my designs away as free printables.

So today, I have another free paper beads design for you which, I have called ‘Jabberwocky’ in my paper beads design library.

The link to it will be further down the page – you just need to find it – it is there, I promise!

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