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Faux China Paper Beads

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Faux China Paper Beads

Faux china paper beads look so pretty and delicate you’d think you could smash them like china.

But you can’t because they’re paper!

And they were made with my latest free printable so you can easily make them too.

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watercolor jewelry painting

Watercolor Jewelry Painting

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Some of my watercolor pendants

Watercolor jewelry painting is so easy and enjoyable – you will LOVE it!

After a very long break (since December!) I’m back with a new craft tutorial for you.

And Yes, there will be some free craft printables for you at the end of this post.

By the way, since I made my video, I have found a way to varnish the pendants without activating the watercolor.

I will be sharing that with you very soon!

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Paper Bead Necklace

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Paper bead necklace – a project for you to make using my last free printables of 2021 and you might just love it!

The paper beads assembled – Easy and fairly quick to make.

I appreciate all my loyal YouTube viewers and blog readers, so I have one final design for you this year.

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how to make presents with paper

How To Make Presents With Paper

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How to make presents with paper is a question many crafters ponder.

And with the current world situation, it’s never been more relevant.

We are seeing shortages of many goods, and being warned of worse to come.

Every day we are being warned that holidays, such as Christmas, are under threat.

Why? Because we don’t need to spend money on more ‘stuff’ to show people we care.

Do we really need lavish presents? I don’t think so.

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Tyvek crafts

Tyvek Crafts

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Tyvek crafts. Really? Yes! Tyvek is not only for making mailing envelopes or house wrapping material.

As most seasoned crafters will know, we made Tyvek our own a long time ago.

And why not? Tyvek is one of the most versatile craft materials I have in my craft arsenal.

It acts like paper but it’s tough, tear resistant and water resistant – what’s not to love!

I show you how to make these beautiful beads made from hand painted Tyvek sheets
More Tyvek beads from hand painted sheets
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