Available as a free download to my readers and viewers until January 31st 2021! The link is further down the page.

These are the beautiful European style paper beads you can make with my template

My latest YouTube video is a tutorial showing how to make these ornate European style paper beads.

You want to make European style paper beads – right?

But you just can’t get that European style paper bead shape and it’s so frustrating if you are new to making paper beads.

Which is why I’ve been designing European style paper bead templates for the last few years and selling on Etsy.

The template you see below (link above) is also for European style paper beads in two parts.

Another of my European style paper bead templates.

So what is different about my new template?

Well my newest template for making European style paper beads is more compact and it saves on paper.

The new template looks like this…

My newest European style paper bead template

The reason it saves paper is because I have put it all on one sheet.

It is still a two part template with a very gradual taper but I have moved the strips closer together so that both parts will print out on one sheet.

And this template is for making 12 complete beads whereas the other template I sell only makes 11 and it prints over two sheets.

Follow my YouTube tutorial and make these ornate European Style paper beads really easily.

I know this new compact paper bead template is not going to be for everyone because the strips are close together.

But if you want to try it, you can get it now as a free printable up until January 31st 2021 by clicking the links below.

It’s my Happy New Year gift to the early birds who are faithful to my channel.

And you can keep it to use as often as you like. All I ask is that you honor the terms of downloading it.

UK A4 size

US Letter size

Let me know what you think.

After Jan 31st 2021, it will only be available in my Etsy shop.

So get it asap!

If your eyesight is poor, you may prefer the other template in my Etsy shop which has the strips space further apart.

The previous template in two parts, which prints on two sheets of paper, will be easier to cut for some people.

But if you have good eyesight and can cope with the lines close together, this new template is more economical to use.

If you are a Silhouette Cameo user – I have good news for you!

This European style paper bead template is now available in my Etsy shop so you can cut your bead strips with ease in only a couple of minutes.

European Paper Bead Template for using in a Silhouette Cameo machine. My files also work in Cricut machines but you must know what you are doing as I am unable to advise on after sale Cricut queries.
This is how easy it is! After you have bought the electronic cutting template from my Etsy shop, you can open it in Silhouette Studio and cut your strips perfectly in a couple of minutes.

And if you want to get hold of craft supplies such as the clear gloss I use to glaze my beads, visit my Amazon shops.

UK shoppers click here.

US shoppers click here.

Amazon Affliate statement.

That’s all for this time.

I’ll be back again soon with some lovely freebies I am designing for Valentine’s Day – so subscribe here and make sure you don’t miss the free printables I give away.

And have fun using the template for making European style paper beads.

You can make something pretty from something no one likes! (See further on for an explanation).

Free paper bead design for YOU!

This is a very quick post as I know everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays.

There is a new video tutorial on my YouTube channel showing you how to use this free printable.

Click here to see the video.

There is a story behind this design. The image is actually part of a photo I took of the Christmas tree in our town of Felixstowe.

It may not be the best tree in the world but it lights up the cold night in Felixstowe – so leave the poor thing alone you unkind people!

And thank you to the Lion’s Club for our tree, regardless of it not being good enough for some people – thank you. 💖

This free paper bead design features one of the ‘worst Christmas trees in Britain’!

Well that was according to the Sun newspaper which is, ironically (and of course only in my opinion!) the worst newspaper in Britain.

So not sure why they are poking fun at our Christmas tree.

Anyway, I had no idea of this when I went into town one night to have a look at the Christmas decorations and take a few pics to show my 92 year old mum.

Imagine my surprise when I heard we had made the national news (albeit The Sun) for having one of the ‘worst Christmas trees in Britain’.

Great. Thank you Sun.

We even made the national TV news (although I think calling their content ‘news’ is a little misleading in this case).

So I took a section of one of my pictures and used it to make a free paper bead design to give away on here.

I only fill the top of the page because that’s the only part that gets used – and it helps save your printer ink.

And as each free paper bead design I post gets downloaded by people all over the world…

…our much maligned tree can be appreciated by the lovely international crafting community who can see the artistic merit in the lights and texture.

A lovely tree doing its very best to cheer us up despite being taken away from its forest and ridiculed.

To get your free paper bead design, all you need to do is…

click here and download. It is that simple.

Juest scroll down the free printables page until you see this image,

The links for US and UK sizes are directly below it.

And if there are any resources in my YouTube video you don’t know where to buy, try my Amazon shops. I always try to have most things in there although it isn’t always possible. Worth checking though.



Amazon Affiliate statement.

That’s all folks!

Everyone is running around getting ready for their holidays so I won’t keep you.

I will be back very soon with a tutorial and access to a free printable (and Silhouette Cameo cut file) for a limited time only to make these European style beads.

Getting this precise European style bead shape isn’t easy but you can do it with the new printable template I have just finished working on.

The template was designed primarily for sale in my Etsy shop but I will have a two day window when it is free for my readers and YouTube subscribers to download.

After that, people will have to buy it – so watch out for my next post to grab it quickly!

Thanks for reading/watching – Happy Holidays wherever you are and whatever you celebrate.

Enjoy the free paper bead design and love that poor misunderstood tree!

And I will be adding all my future free printables here too – so subscribe today and you won’t miss anything.

Above you can see three examples of the kinds of designs I give away – there are many more than this.

Those of you who watch my YouTube craft tutorials will know I regularly give away printable designs to use in your crafts.

You will also know that during each tutorial, I always used to give you a password to access the pages where you could download the designs.

From today, that has all changed – I now have one page where you can scroll through to find a design you want, click on the link to download the full res image and also, click on the YouTube link to see the tutorial that goes with the free printable.

To get access to all the free printables that I currently have, click here.

And if you want to know as soon as I put more designs on that page, simply subscribe to either this blog or to my YouTube channel.

See you soon!

Free Printables

(Plus some paper bead news and the free printable coming next – read on!)

News flash – I have now created a special page where will find all my free printables in one place. You no longer need passwords to access them and I have also put in the YouTube tutorial links showing you how to use most of the free printables. Click here to go to the page.

As promised, here are four more free Christmas printables for you.

You can get the previous set of free Christmas printables by clicking here.

Free clip art is always welcomed by crafters, so I have been busy creating some nice cosy Christmas images for you to download and use.

You can use them on cards, tags, gift wrap, scrapbooking, journaling – the choice is yours.

Free Christmas Printables
Click here to download the full res image
Free Christmas Printables
Click here to download the full res image

All I ask is that you abide by the Terms & Conditions of using my images – there aren’t many but I would appreciate it if you would respect the ones I do have😍.

The image of Santa giving out presents is actually an old 1911 pic that I have altered and added snow to give it a real wintry feel.

There are more free Christmas printables in the pipeline…

I will be giving away the design for making these beads very soon.

If you are a paper bead maker you may enjoy using the free design I am giving away in my next post.

free Christmas printables
One of the free printables coming next time – see previous pic for the beads you can make with it.

I’m not sure which day I will be publishing, so if you want to make sure you get notified, just subscribe to this blog and you will be notified of new posts as soon as they come out.

My next post will be about how to use the design and I will be showing you exactly how I made the beads in the picture.

And if anyone is interested in making pillow paper beads, you will love my latest discovery!

It’s been more decades than I want to admit since I discovered the joy of paper beading and in all that time, I have managed to never make pillow beads.

So I was really excited when I discovered a crafter with a channel called Wokos Crafts on YouTube

Woko has some beautiful videos on paper beading, especially the one showing how to make pillow beads.

free Christmas printables
My first attempt at making pillow beads – I’m sure I’ll get better with practice! Watch Woko’s tutorial if you want to learn.

If you want to learn how to make pillow beads, click the link above for Wokos Crafts and you will see how it is done.

It is a very simple technique and you don’t need a bead tool. Woko is very softly spoken and relaxing to watch.

And if you want to use the same colors that I used, you can download and print my designs onto glossy paper, by clicking the links under the pictures.

And in case you are wondering, there are stringing holes in pillow beads beads but they are in the corners.

If you liked my free Christmas printables, keep coming back because there will be many more free printables in the coming months.

And if there is anything in particular that you would like, maybe a certain colour scheme or pattern, let me know.

A typical paper bead design – suggestions for colors are welcome.

I do have an etsy shop where I sell paper bead templates but as life is way more than just about money, I love being able to give away some designs on this website too.

I also sell paper bead making tools in my shop for making small hole beads (3mm) and large hole European style beads (5mm).

But coming up very soon, I am going to show you how I make beautiful European Style paper beads without using my bead tools.

I will be demonstrating how I get the core holes to the perfect size for the bead cores to fit.

I will be showing you how to make these beads using my template very soon.

Enjoy your crafting projects and please consider subscribing here so you don’t miss any free printables.

And enjoy the free Christmas printables – ’tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la, la la la la!

Free Printables

News flash – I have now created a special page where will find all my free printables in one place. You no longer need passwords to access them and I have also put in the YouTube tutorial links showing you how to use most of the free printables. Click here to go to the page.

(If free Christmas clip art is not your thing because you celebrate different holidays, read on to the end because I may be able to help you too.)

Are you looking for free Christmas clip art?

Not long now until the various seasonal holidays – Christmas being one of them. If you are looking for last minute free Christmas clip art, you might like these colorful images I have created.

If you prefer your free Christmas clip art with no words over the design, here are the links to the designs only.

You are welcome to download them and use them in your Christmas projects for cards, scrapbooking, journalling and any thing else you might want free Christmas clip art for.

But please read my terms and conditions. There aren’t many but please make sure you stick to them.

Is free Christmas clip art not your thing? Do you celebrate a different holiday?

Let me know what holiday you celebrate and tell me what kind of free clip art you would like to have.

Of course I cannot guarantee I can fulfil what you want but I’ll give it a good try!

I may add some more free printables before Christmas so come back to check next week.

Hope you enjoy my free Christmas clip art and I hope have happy holidays, whatever you celebrate.

King Midas paper beads with a touch of gold

In this post about paper bead techniques you will find the following:

  • A link to my YouTube video showing how to make gold tipped paper beads.
  • The free printable downloads I have for you in this post and the links to download them.
  • A brief outline of why I created this technique and how it benefits your paper bead making.
  • Links to my Etsy shop where you can buy my paper bead making tools and bead strip template I use in the video.
  • Links to my Amazon shops where you can buy many other craft tools and supplies.

(If you want to jump straight to the video, click here.)

Paper bead techniques, if used creatively, can add something very special to your finished paper beads.

The thing that has always bugged me about paper beads is leaving the ends unfinished.

Depending on the shape of your bead, you can sometimes use metal bead cores to finish them off nicely and give your beads a bit more strength and rigidity, as with the pink European Style paper bead in the image below.

But what if you are rolling tapered beads? Most tapered beads are not suitable for bead cores, as you can see in the image below of the blue bead.

The bead on the left does not have the right shape to accomodate a metal bead core.

So I spent ages trying to think of a paper bead technique that would address the issue of unfinished ends/core holes.

And BAM! It finally hit me a few weeks back how I could strengthen the ends of tapered beads while giving them a really finished, professional look.

You can see the video showing how I did it by clicking here to go to my YouTube channel.

Developing and trying out new paper bead techniques keeps crafting interesting and fresh.

So I was pleased when I tried my idea out and it really worked well. I’ve called these beads my Midas beads because it’s just as if King Midas touched the ends to give them a touch of gold 😍

This is what I made with them.

You can see how to string a necklace like this in the video.
This technique gave a lovely golden glow to my bracelet – you can see how to do it in the video.

But I didn’t stop at gold!

When I designed the free printables that I wanted to give away with the post. I did one of the designs in various blues.

That was for Allison, one of my subscribers who lives in Australia with her cat YumYum who also likes my videos 😻. We chat sometimes online and she told me she likes all shades of blue and pinks.

So what did I do? I forgot to add in some pink to the design! Anyway Allison, at least I remembered the shades of blue! Hope you like it.

And as blue is a cooler color, I made the ends of the beads silver which works pretty nicely.

I made these using the free printable and the paper bead technique shown in my video.

So here are the two designs I did for crafters to download, click the links

To use the free printables, you will need to print them off, cut the bead strips and use a paper bead tool to roll the strips into beads.

(Please click here to read the Terms & Conditions of using any of my free printables.)

If you are new to paper bead making, you can find out how the process works by watching my video.

News flash – I have now created a special page where will find all my free printables in one place. You no longer need passwords to access them and I have also put in the YouTube tutorial links showing you how to use most of the free printables. Click here to go to the page.

It’s unusual for me to cut my paper bead strips by hand now.

I used to use my plastic paper bead template to mark out my paper bead strips on the printed designs and then I would cut them along my drawn lines using a metal ruler, cutting mat and craft knife.

paper bead techniques

And that is fine for most people. But as I cut so many paper bead strips, I now use my electronic cutter, which I touch on briefly in the video.

It is so much easier and quicker to let the cutter do the work. I use the Silhouette Cameo machine.

My Silhouette Cameo cutting machine

You can check out this machine in my Amazon shops.



You can read my Amazon Affiliate statement here.

I have also added the Arteza Irridescent paints that I use in the video, to my UK Amazon storefront. Unfortunately, the same paints are showing as unavailable on Amazon.com right now so I added a set of metallic paints that I know are very good for people who shop on .com.

Paper bead tools and templates.

If you don’t want to go to the expense of buying an electronic cutter, check out my bead strip templates in my Etsy shop. You will find my paper bead rolling tools there too.


free printable designs
My 5mm & 3mm paper bead tools
paper bead techniques
My paper bead strip template – four sizes in one.

Have fun using the free printables, there will be more in my next post.

If you have any questions, either leave a comment here or go over to my YouTube channel and leave a message in the comments section.

Thanks for being here and watch out for more paper bead techniques in future posts.

(Note: if you are here from my YouTube Channel, details of my Esty, Folksy and Amazon shops can be found at the end of this post. You will also find the link to the free digital design at the end too.)

News flash – I have now created a special page where will find all my free printables in one place. You no longer need passwords to access them and I have also put in the YouTube tutorial links showing you how to use most of the free printables. Click here to go to the page.

Paper bead ideas come to me all the time as I have been obsessed with paper beads since the 70s.

And as someone who is also obsessed with sploshing paint around, despite having no particular talent for it, I always have hundreds of ordinary but colorful abstract paintings laying around begging to be turned into paper beads.

One of my favourite ways of making abstract art is by using a Gelli plate with acrylics and like many gelatin print enthusiasts, I have literally hundreds, if not thousands of fairly mediocre paintings stuffed in portfolios and drawers.

Many people use their Gelatin prints to make beautiful cards but making paper beads is another fantastic way to use your art to save it from being shut away forever.

Watch my latest YouTube video to see how I do it.

It’s exciting to actually use all the hundreds of gelli plate prints we produce to create truly unique pieces of jewelry from paper beads

A few of the hundreds of mediocre Gelli prints I have.

Paper bead ideas in action! This is what I made from a single Gelli print that was hiding away in my stash of ‘nothing special’ prints.

A necklace made using one of my Gelli Plate prints.

For those who don’t know what Gelli/Gelatin Plate printing is, it’s a very easy and exciting way to paint using a thick, floppy rectangle of what looks and feels like Jello (jelly if you are in the UK).

It’s used in conjunction with a small roller or brayer as it is also known.

The exciting thing about gelatin printing (also called mono printing) is that while it is used by professional artists to produce stunning pieces of wall art, it can also be used by amateurs and hobbyists to experiment with paint in an easy way that enables them to produce beautiful, unique work.

Journal pages very quickly created using a gelatin printing plate and acrylic paints.

If you want to see how I create my gelatin prints for journals, click here to watch.

And later in this post, I will introduce you to professional artist Miranda Grayling who combines Gelli plate with mono printing and silk screen printing to produce stunning artwork which sells really well.

Paper bead ideas come thick and fast when you go though your stash of ‘unremarkable’ prints.

And lets face it, unless we are professional artists or highly competant amateurs, us Gelatin printers do have stacks of so-so prints that we don’t quite know what to do with.

No I have not saturated the colours in any of these images – the brightness is because I used some fluorescent paints alongside the ‘quieter’ ones.

We all play with Gelli printing for different reasons. My reason is definitely because it is a source of calm when I feel stressed.

For me, the act, or process of creating the prints is the main reason I create that way.

The end product is not the focus of each session. I think this has become even more obvious to me during this awful world crisis where we have all been locked up.

Out of all the arts and crafts I do, Gelli plate/Mono printing has been the activity I have gravitated to the most when I have felt unusually stressed and low during the last few months.

I haven’t really been thinking about what I am producing. The real purpose was to simply do something creative and enjoy the time while I was doing it without worrying about the end result.

And so now I have an even bigger stock of Gelli print paintings/stroke backgrounds to use for my paper bead ideas.

The many paintings I produced over the last 7 months, while feeling upset and worried like millions of other people, kept me busy while my emotions were up and down.

It was an escape because sometimes I would spend hours and hours just doing print after print after print to keep from going mad.

I have now paused the printing and am slowly begining to cut the prints up to make jewelry.

While I have been having fun cutting up my Gelli prints, my friend Miranda has been busy selling hers at an exhibition in Denmark.

Miranda Grayling is a UK based artist who regularly sells her work at exhibitions both here and abroad.

I highlight her work here to show the spectrum of ability that the Gelli plate printing supports.

Anyone from an absolute, ‘never done it before’, beginner to a pro like Miranda can use the Gelli plate to explore their creativity and grow as a creator.

It should be said though, that Miranda does also combine her mono-printing with silk-screen printing to create her beautiful collages but for hobbyists who are learning, the Gelli plate alone does hold a myriad of possibilities for making wonderful layered images.

You can visit Miranda’s FaceBook page, Artwork By Miranda by clicking here.

And now for the free digital download I promised in my video…

Get this painting to print and make these beads, Link to image below.

Click here to get your free download.

Please see here for the Terms & Conditions of using my free printables. There aren’t many but please respect them.

If you want to buy the bead tool and the paper bead template (I use in the video), for easily marking out your bead strips see below for info.

If you are UK or Europe based, please go to my Folksy shop.

If you are USA based or any other non European country, please go to my Etsy shop.

If you want to buy a Gelli plate and brayer (roller) see below for details of my Amazon shops.

My shops are stocked with an array of the lovely art and craft products I use in my videos. Well worth a browse.

UK based customers click here.

US based customers click here.

See my Amazon Affiliate statement here.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have a ton of fun exploring these paper bead ideas – pop over to my YouTube channel and leave me a comment.

As I have just reached 10,000 subscribers over on my YouTube channel, I am celebrating by giving you two free digital downloads to use in your crafts.

News flash – I have now created a special page where will find all my free printables in one place. You no longer need passwords to access them and I have also put in the YouTube tutorial links showing you how to use most of the free printables. Click here to go to the page.

See here for terms and conditions for using my free digital downloads.

How to make round paper beads is a question I get asked by crafters all the time.

One of my YouTube viewers asked this question recently, so Abie M. – here are a couple of ideas for how to make round paper beads.

And as Alison K. also asked me for ideas on how to make beads from toilet tissue (see the pretty turquoise beads above), I decided to combine answering those two questions in one video.

You can watch that video over on my YouTube channel by clicking here.

First of all, in the video I made on how to make round paper beads, you will see me making these small round beads.

And to make these paper beads, I designed a template in two parts which is my first digital download giveaway of this post.

I strung my beads with gold spacer beads to make this bracelet.

To get the round paper bead digital downloads, look at the links below and see which one you need.

I have made them in US Letter size and UK A4 size – so click whichever you need.

US Letter Size Templates

Round Bead Template US Letter Size Part 1

Round Bead Template US Letter Size Part 2

UK A4 Size Templates

Round Bead Template UK A4 Size Part 1

Round Bead Template UK A4 Size Part 2

Make sure you get both parts. And once you have them, watch the video on how to use them.

The two part template I designed to make these round beads using 200gsm paper.

If you are wondering how to make round paper beads, you will find this template really helpful but you must print it onto the same thickness of paper that I did to get the same look.

I used 200 gsm heavyweight matt coated paper from Rymans in the UK but I believe the US equivilent to the UK 200 gsm is around 110 lb but you may want to check that conversion out yourself.

So that’s one way to make roundish paper beads. Below you can see more round paper beads that I made with toilet tissue.

When you are thinking of how to make round paper beads – you may not immediately think of using toilet tissue 🤔

But toilet tissue makes fabulous round beads that are extremely hard and durable if you follow the instructions I give in the video.

YouTube viewer Alison K. asked about making beads from toilet tissue and so I made the ones you see here.

I have used this method many times before, but usually using decorative table napkins instead of toilet tissue.

Yes – these are made from toilet tissue!

These are quite bulky to have as bracelet beads, unless you love the chunky look – I strung eight beads on a length of black 1mm round elastic and wore them as a necklace slung quite low.

I absolutley love turquoise, black and gold together and I show you in my tutorial how I decorated the beads to get this look.

But you can decorate yours however you want of course.

And now we come to the second paper bead strip design giveaway.

From me to you – a free digital down load to print off, cut up and make into beads.

In the tutorial, how to make round paper beads, I have included a quick video showing you how to make these beads with tips on how to finish them really nicely.

There are a couple of things you can do when rolling beads like these to make them look more professional and I include those tips in the video.

See what I do to make these beads really pop.

And here are your free downloads for making these beads.

Turquoise, blue and black decorative paper bead strips US Letter Size download.

Turquoise, blue and black decorative paper bead strips UK A4 Size download.

I added silver metal spacer beads to make this necklace.

Was my ‘How To Make Round Paper Beads’ video useful to you?

If you used either of the free printable templates let me know how you got on by commenting over on my YouTube channel.

And if you are still stuck at home, you might like to visit my Amazon shops for some supplies I use in my tutorials:



Amazon affiliate statement

Hopefully you will now have some idea of how to make round paper beads – thanks for being here and see you next time with more crafty ideas.😎

how to make european style beads

And by the way, there is a free printable further on in this post but take note…

News flash – I have now created a special page where will find all my free printables in one place. You no longer need passwords to access them and I have also put in the YouTube tutorial links showing you how to use most of the free printables. Click here to go to the page.

European Style Paper Beads

European style paper beads are very easy to make when you have my two part printable template.

My carefully designed two part European paper bead template.

The template is available in my Etsy shop and my tutorial on how to use the template to make these black and gold european style paper beads is over on my YouTube channel.

I spent absolutely ages trying to figure out how to get that distinctive European style of paper bead.

Getting this shape eluded me for a long time – but then I cracked it and you can too with my template.

After many failed attempts, a few years ago, I finally got it right with a combination of a carefully graduated two part paper beadstrip template and 210gsm (78lb) paper card.

If you want to make European style paper beads like mine, have a look at my video to see just how I get the gold design on them.

You’ll be shocked at how easy it is and what the possibilities are for all sorts of decorative paper beads made this way.

Six European Style Paper Beads on a bangle – simple!

And in case you think there is no free printable with this post…

You’re wrong – hooray!

Included in the tutorial on how to make european style paper beads is a brief look at another paper bead template I designed to make 1 inch regular paper beads in earth warm spring-like colours.

My latest free printable to make this bracelet…
So simple to make using my free paper beadstrip printable.

This is a really simple bracelet to make – the beads are easy to cut out and roll.

The strips can be cut out with scissors or with a Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting machine (as seen in the video).

You can probably use a Cricut machine too – let me know if you do.

To get my free printable in UK A4 size click here.

To get it in US Letter size click here.

It’s that simple! No passwords anymore.

And if you are here because you wanted to find out how to make European style paper beads…

…you might want to know where to get my 3mm paper bead rolling tool and other materials/tools I use in the tutorial.

My 3mm paper bead rolling tool is available in my Etsy shop

I ship my tools all over the world. They are simple to use because of the gently shaped handle which is very comfortable to hold.

Good for those who find it hard to hold tools.

Watch the video by clicking here and leave me a comment or ask a question on YouTube!

And for the other items I use in my tutorials, visit my Amazon shops where you will find lots of craft goodies. including the wonderful Silhouette Cameo cutting machine like I use in the video.



See my Amazon Affilate Statement here https://www.funcraftstodoathome.com/amazon-affiliate-statement/

I hope this post helps if you are looking for info on how to make European style paper beads – check back soon for more freebies and more ideas.

making jewelry to sell
This is my latest free printable. Free for you to download and use to make jewelry to sell. A link to the download is further down this page – so keep reading!

News flash – I have now created a special page where will find all my free printables in one place. You no longer need passwords to access them and I have also put in the YouTube tutorial links showing you how to use most of the free printables. Click here to go to the page.

Making Jewelry To Sell – Five Things Beginners Need To Know.

In this post, I am going to talk about making jewelry to sell and giving you suggestions for a quick and easy way to begin, even if you are not artistic or full of creative ideas.

By the end of this post, you will know how to quickly begin creating attractive handmade jewelry that you can sell online or at craft fairs.

My latest free printable for making beautiful zodiac pendants. See my YouTube video for how to use the designs.

Although I do sell craft printables on Etsy, I also regularly give away free printables on here for those who may appreciate having designs they can use when making jewlery to sell.

In this and future posts, I will be showing paid for designs that you can buy for a few dollars in my Etsy shop but I will also be giving out new free printables on here as well to ensure everyone has access to designs they can use freely.

On sale in my Etsy shop – £3 – Can be used to make pendants to sell

So for those who are new to making handmade jewlery, here are the five main things you need to know when making jewlery to sell.

A glass cabochon pendant made with one of my previous free printables. Very fast to make.
  • Your handmade pendant/bracelet/bag charm/keychain must be quick and easy to make.
    Otherwise, you will not be able to make enough stock to make a worthwhile profit. You should be able to make plenty of stock quickly if you want to make money. And unless you are making high-end gold or silver handmade jewelry, you will not be able to set your prices based on how long it took you to create a piece.

    If you are a beginner to crafts or handmade jewlery, a very good place to start is making glass cabochon jewelry which is quick and easy to make but is also attractive and looks professional.

    The four main elements of glass cabochon jewlery are:
  • The pendant bezel, which is the metal tray that the design sits in.
  • The design – an image that sits under the glass cabochon.
  • The glass cabochon, or dome, that sits on top of the design to protect it
  • A chain to hang the pendant on.

    You can see how to put these elements together in this YouTube tutorial.
Handmade glass Cabochon Jewelry

2. Your jewelry needs to be made with good quality, robust materials that will not fall apart.

The challenge you face in selling handmade jewelry is sourcing good findings that don’t cost the earth and yet still produce an impressive, good quality product you can sell at the right price.

The pendant trays and glass cabochons that I use in my jewelry are a good example of how it is possible to find good quality supplies at the right price.

Making jewlery to sell
Pendant bezels – the basis for your handmade pendants.

And I will be giving links further down, showing where you can get these supplies to use either with your own designs or, with the free designs I post on here.

In the images above, you can see three of my previous free printables which are still available. All you need to do is click the link to go to the post where you will find links to the videos showing how I used them. And in those videos you will be given a password to get into the download page for each design.
Pristine square glass cabochons – round ones are also available.

3. Your jewelry needs to be priced just right in order to attract buyers.

To see what I mean, have a look at the handmade jewelry being sold on platforms such as Etsy. Look for stores that have lots of sales and take note of their pricing and quality.

Then look for stores that have beautiful handmade jewelry but very low sales and look at the pricing. Is it too high? Is that why people are not buying?

You can learn a lot about the handmade market by Etsy surfing and seeing what sells well and at what price.

Being able to source decent findings, at a good price and of a standard good enough to use as a base for your designs, is the key to being able to sell at a price people will be willing to pay.

If your base supplies are very expensive and it takes you two days to make one item of jewelry, the chances are you will not be able to charge enough to cover your time and costs and make a profit.

4. Your jewelry needs to be unique and any designs used must not infringe copyright.

Cabochon jewelry is all based around having an eyecatching design at the heart of the piece. That is the point of cabochon pendants, keychains, bag charms, fridge magnets or card toppers. You need an attractive design that will go under the glass cabochon and be the main focus of the piece.

For these pendants, I used some of my own artwork in bronze and silver colored bezels.

But what if you are not confident with your design skills or artistic capability?

Does that mean you can use pictures from the internet instead of creating your own designs?

This is where you need to be very careful.

Using designs that belong to individuals or organisations without their permission is a bad move.

The rule of thumb is this – if you did not create the image/painting/drawing you want to use, there will be copyright issues to consider and consider them you must.

Using any images, icons, characters from, for example, a Disney movie could get you into a lot of trouble.

Do not be fooled by those who appear to be getting away with breaking copyright by using well known characters, logos, names, images etc on their products – do not follow suit.

Whatever money you make is not worth what will happen when copyright owners catch up with you. It really isn’t. So what do you do?

You can either buy designs from online shops such as Etsy or look for free printables like the ones I give away on here.

If you buy designs, you must check to see if you are allowed to use them to make items you are going to sell.

The same goes for free printables. Always check with the seller’s Terms & Conditions for the limitations are on how you can use them. Most sellers publish their T’s & C’s on the page where they are selling the download.

My free printables can be used freely to make jewelry, bag charms, fridge magnets, card toppers or keychains to sell.

The only restriction I place on my free printables is that they must only be used to create a jewelry item in which the design is used. They must not be sold on, or given away, as a sheet of designs or repackaged in any way to be sold as is.

There are Terms & Conditions on the download pages with each free download.

If in doubt, you can always contact me through the contact form to ask.

5. Presentation – Your handmade items need to be presented/packaged properly

Before you begin to make items to sell, you need to give some thought to how you will package them.

Organza bags are a cost effective way to present your jewelry

Organza bags such as those you see above are a great way to present your pendants etc.

They are easy to get online and will not add too much to the costs of making your items.

Another way to present your work that will not cost you too much is to fix your jewelry to a piece of card that you have stamped with a decorative stamp.

You could combine this with the organza bag if you wanted to – just slip the card into the bag and this will finish things off nicely.

You can also buy small boxes but of course the more sophisticated your packaging, the more your costs will eat into your profit.

As you can see, making jewelry to sell is fairly straightforward if you follow these five tips.

If you still feel daunted by the thought of what you will use for designs, just go ahead and watch my YouTube video tutorials in which I give the passwords for the pages on this site where the free printables are, download the designs, print them off and make your first pendants, bag charms, keychains, fridge magnets, card toppers or whatever other items you can think of.

Here are links to the YouTube videos showing how I used my previous giveaways:

My latest free printable is a set of Zodiac designs using a background design I did with a heavenly theme.

How the designs look in pendants
Free printable

Click here to go to the download page for this free printable – pssst – no password needed this time!

There is also another set of Zodiac signs, in white and on a different background, available to download in my Etsy shop.

Available to download in my Etsy shop

So now that you have some designs to use, where do you get these bezels, glass cabochons and chains?

It’s easy – everything you need to start making cabochon pendants to sell is all under one roof in my Amazon storefront. Follow this link if you are UK based and then go to the Craft Supplies section where you will find everything you need.

If you are US based, please click here.

And to read my Amazon Affiliate statement, please click here.

There are also double-sided tapes in my stores but I have not used them myself and so I don’t know if they are crystal clear.

If you want to use the double-sided tape that I use to make my pendants click the link below. It looks red because it has a red liner which you peel off and discard.

If you having been looking for an easy, relatively inexpensive way to explore selling handmade jewelry online, I hope this has helped.

Feel free to ask me questions via the contact form or in the comments section below the YouTube tutorial that goes with this post.

Good luck with making jewelry to sell – and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog and to my YouTube channel to keep up with all the free designs I will be posting here.