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Paper Beading Tool – Home Page

If you have arrived here because you have see my paper beading tools online, you are in the right place.

Many years have passed since I first made tools for paper beading.

And although the shaft remains the same, the handles have been through a few transitions.

The handle is so important; it needs to be lightweight, comfortable to hold and sturdy.

This is because it has a gentle curve, making it sit better in your hand. It’s definitely the most ergonomically friendly handle I have had.

The tools have been popular with people who enjoy paper beading but find smaller or heavier handles difficult to use.

free printable designs

You can use these craft tools to make…

paper beading
These beautiful beads…
paper beading
…and these.

The main place I sold my paper beading tools was on Etsy.

However, I stopped selling them there last year due to issues with their domestic v international postage system.

So people began tracking me down through social media to find out where they can buy my tools.

I currently don’t have a shop online but if you want one of my tools or plastic templates contact me on Instagram.

If you long to get into paper beading – you can!

Don’t waste any more time thinking you can’t be creative, paint or make pretty, crafty stuff as well as other people.

Just DO IT! No one said you had to be good at it to enjoy yourself. It’s all about the process – not the end result – and as you jump in and do stuff – you will get better and better!

An easy way to produce beautiful crafts quite quickly is to start making paper beads. Watch my video here  and then grab yourself some tools from my collection.

Although I still sell digital downloads on Etsy, I no longer sell my tools on there. You can contact me via instagram, the link is further up this post if you missed it.

I also sell paper bead strip templates for making the whole paper bead making process much easier so do get in touch.

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Happy crafting!