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Craft Supplies can sometimes be hard to source if you live in an area where there is no easy access to a craft shop.

After watching my videos, people sometimes contact me to ask where they can get the craft supplies they have seen me using.

So I have created this section for people to use if they are stuck for where to get supplies.

This page is for people buying in the US and any other countries served by

UK readers check the individual blog post for links to craft supplies.

I use Amazon because I have found it to be the most reliable source for buying online but from time to time, I will provide links to other sources.

Some of the supplies I suggest are exactly the same as the ones I have used myself but sometimes they are the closest I can find, particularly as I live in the UK.

The products listed here are suggestions, I am not necessarily giving them the thumbs up - you must do your own research before buying and always read reviews.

Some of the craft supplies I give links to may not always be in stock so I cannot guarantee availabilty.

I will be adding various craft supplies to this page as time goes on - so with each tutorial I do on YouTube, there may be new suggestions here.

So do check back here regularly to see what goodies I have found.

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And if you have any feedback about any of the products, please let me know via the contact form.