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Free Printable Papers – Vote Now!

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You can vote for your next free printable papers! Plus there is free printable with this post!

The poll it actually closed now – but read on!

Do you love free printable papers to use in your crafting projects?

Well I’ve got something fun and interactive for you today.

Update – the poll is closed and you can see the results by clicking here and getting your new free printables!

I know how much you love the free printable designs because of all the downloads you collect.

And if you are new here, you may not know about all my previous free printables – so click here to see them.

And take a look at the very few Terms and Conditions of using them here.

I’m always dreaming up new ideas to keep your projects fresh and exciting.

This time, you gave me some help!

I let you choose my next free printable designs, and there were three fantastic options lined up.

Or perhaps there were four – who knows? 🙂

And you may love the fourth option (if there is one!)

Ok – so at this point, I had a link to the poll – but that’s gone now as the poll is over.

But you can still see what the options were and what you can now download.

So, grab coffee/tea/juice, get comfy, and let’s dive into the choices.

One more thing – just for taking part, there was a free printable with this post (see Stripey image below).

(Now permanently available to all.)

And you can also see this printable in a very short YouTube video showing this and the poll choices.

So as a thank you – follow this link to get today’s free printable. It’s my ‘Go With The Flow’ watercolor abstract design.

The size is A4 and you can download it as a JPG or PDF file.

If you love using free printable papers, you will probably really like this one.

It’s brilliant for collaging with but it’s also perfect for making paper beads.

Now, on with the poll choices! And don’t forget – you can cast your vote over on the YouTube poll.

Design Option 1 Stars and Flowers

Think vibrant colors, smudgy patterns of stars and flowers with a touch of free-spirited charm.

This design is perfect for those who love a fantasy aesthetic.

Design Option 2 Such a Perfect Day

Think summery watercolor reflections of sand, sea and sky with a hint of inky outlines.

This design is perfect for those who love a touch of the dreamy abstract.

Design Option 3 – Cool Collage

Think abstract collage paper with raggedy tissue edges.

Perfect for people who love a vibrant arty look.

And of course for those who can’t get enough free printable papers – there was a fourth option!

And that was – ‘I want all three!’

Voting was super easy and as I now update this after the poll closed – thank you to those who took part!

I valued your input because, let’s be honest, you’re the ones using these free printable papers!

Your feedback helps me understand what sparks your creativity and keeps you coming back for more.

Plus, it’s a fun way to engage with the amazing crafing community.

Knowing which designs you prefer helps me tailor my free designs to suit your tastes.

If you love free printable papers for collage and other paper crafts – here is a sneak preview of future freebies.

They are coming some time this summer.

free printable papers
Coming this summer
free printable papers
Also coming sometime this summer
free printable papers
And another one coming soon

Don’t miss out when I put these free designs online this summer!

Subscribe to this blog today and then you will know as soon as these designs become available.

You can also subscribe to any of my other social media and also ask questions or leave comments there.

Just follow these links and subscribe.





Thank you for reading this far – don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube for the next free printable designs.

And don’t forget to get the free printable I am giving away as a thank you for voting.

Keep an eye on this blog and my social media channels for future free designs.

This poll was more than just a way to choose a new design – it was a celebration of our creative community.

Your involvement and enthusiasm keep me inspired to bring you more free printables.

So, thank you for being part of this journey with me.

Let’s make something beautiful together!

Happy crafting and see you again soon with the new free designs.

Free Printable Papers