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Free Abstract Printables – Results Are In!

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free abstract printables

Free abstract printables – did you vote for your favourite?

The votes are in and we have a winner in our free abstract printables June YouTube poll!

Make sure you read this post to the end to find out about the *BONUS* free printables I have for you.

Find out how to use them with the winning designs in this poll.

And when you’ve read this post, make sure you watch my YouTube video showing how I used my designs.

First off, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the poll.

Your input is invaluable, and it’s always fun to see what fellow crafters are into.

Make sure you read to the end of this post to see the designs that are coming next.

So, without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the choices and how you voted:-

The first choice in the free abstract printables poll was the ‘Stars and Flowers‘ design.

free abstract printables
This design got 7% of the votes

The second choice was the ‘Such a Perfect Day‘ design.

free abstarct printables
This choice got 16% of the votes

The third choice was the ‘Cool Collage‘ design.

This design got 20% of the votes

Out of the three free abstract printables – the most abstract got the most votes.

However! It was, unsurprisingly, the fourth option that got the most votes and so click here and you get all three of these new designs!

Yes – the ‘I want them all’ option got 58% of the votes.

Not really a surprise but it was interesting to see that some people did vote for individual designs.

When I created the poll, I wondered if everyone would just vote for the fourth option.

That seemed like the obvious thing to me but, I was wrong.

What can you make with these free printables?

Well, I made paper beads with two of them and pretty paper wallets with the first and third ones.

free abstract printables
Using this design…
…I made these paper beads.
Free abstract Printables
And using this design…
…I made these paper beads.
This wallet is very easy to make.

The first wallet I made using my Stars and Flowers free printable will easily hold bank notes or credit cards.

Did you notice there are designs on both sides of this printable?

You can do the same thing! Because I have TWO free bonus printables for you so you can make your paper double sided like mine.

All you need to do is follow the links to my Google Drive. The first link gives you the designs featured in the poll.

The second link gives you the bonus files to print onto the backs of the designs shown above.

Print out the design using the A4 borderless function on your printer. Then put the paper back in to print one of the bonus designs on the back.

And now you have double sided craft paper!

So what’s next now that this poll is over?

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our collection of free printables and start experimenting with new designs.

Make sure you read the very few Terms & Conditions I have for using my free designs.

Maybe you use the free abstract printables to make paper beads, or perhaps you love collage.

Whatever you enjoy, remember, the best part of art is that there are no rules – just endless possibilities.

The poll results have given me a lot of inspiration, and I hope they do the same for you.

I am already working on more free abstract printables to give away very soon.

My plan is to post them more often, so do keep an eye on this blog so you don’t miss any.

Here is a look at what is coming soon:-

free abstract printables

The best way to ensure you keep up to date with all the new designs is to subscribe to this blog.

To subscribe, find the subscribe box, just above where my recent posts are listed, type in your email and hit subscribe.

That’s all you need to do.

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You will only get an email when I publish a new post.

So if you love free printables, subscribe today to make sure you get them all.

Whether you’re a fan of geometric patterns or the modern flair of bold abstract patterns, there will be something for you.

Most of my free designs can be used across a variety of crafts from paper jewelry making to art journalling and much more.

Join the free printable conversation!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about my free abstract printables!

Did your favorite printable make the list?

Well, of course it did because the fourth choice won!

Are there any designs you think we should add to our collection?

Drop me a comment on any of my social media links and let’s get a creative conversation going.





Until next time, keep crafting and stay inspired!