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Easy Christmas Crafts

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Easy Christmas crafts – you’ll love this idea!

Such a simple, but effective Christmas craft idea.

Last year, I published a blog post and video showing how easily to turn bread into durable Christmas decorations.

This was very popular with people looking for easy Christmas crafts to get busy with.

But this idea can be adapted to suit any holiday celebrations around the world, not just Christmas.

easy Christmas crafts
Turn bread…
easy Christmas crafts
…into Christmas decorations.

Easy Christmas crafts that are fun and original are always a hit when the results are fast and amazing!

And it doesn’t get much more amazing than turning plain old bread into colorful Christmas decorations.

These are so long lasting, they can become family treasures to use year after year.

And you don’t have to worry about the bread going mouldy.

Once you have let it completely dry out to remove all moisture, it will be fine.

And you are going to add acrylic paint too, so that seals the bread.

Of course, you will have to keep the decorations completely dry and store them carefully.

I store mine in cardboard box with sachets of silica gel to stop any moisture.

Plain white bread is probably best – I haven’t tried brown but it might work.

These decorations are great for making gifts – what is more special than having handmade decorations on your tree?

To see my original post click here. To see the full instructional video on YouTube click here.

easy Christmas crafts

Making Easy Christmas Crafts Is A Great Way To Spend the Dark Nights of November & December!

Great for those living in parts of the world with short days and long dark nights in winter.

These fun Christmas decorations are fun to while away the dark evenings with friends in the warm.

If you enjoyed this, you might like to see the decorations I made for halloween.

Happy crafting!