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How To String Paper Beads Horizontally, Neatly.

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How To String paper beads

How to string paper beads neatly looks at the problem of how to string paper beads with large holes, horizontally.

My recent free nature printable has images on it (see below) and I wanted to show them off, the right way up.

That meant stringing them horizontally instead of upright like the previous ladder-strung hippy bead bracelet.

(And by the way, there is a new free printable with this post – details will be at the end.)

But how do you string a flat paper bead rolled on a popsicle stick that leaves a wide threading hole?

How to string paper beads neatly
If you thread flat beads horizontally, they spin round and move because the elastic shifts around inside the wide hole. Yes, you could use wider elastic, but it would not keep your beads all facing the same way.
How to string paper beads
So usually, I thread flat rolled beads vertically using the ladder stringing method

Threading flat paper beads length ways was frustrating because the beads just twisted round and looked messy.

How to string paper beads
Threading flat paper beads horizontally just doesn’t look good as they move around and overlap.

I wanted to know how to thread my paper beads neatly, horizontally, to keep the pictures upright, like this..

I wanted a neat, stable bracelet where the paper beads would stay where I strung them.

I racked my brains to think of ways to string beads and make them sit neatly using 1mm elastic.

It needed to be a secure, stable way of stopping the elastic from moving around freely inside the bead.

Because stringing beads with such large holes on 1mm elastic, as they were, was hopeless.

You could use wider, flat elastic but it wouldn’t stop the beads flipping round.

Then, I devised a way of how to string paper beads neatly and I made this video to show you.

It is slightly fiddly but well worth the effort. It’s inexpensive and doesn’t take too long.

So if you have downloaded any of my recent free bead strip printables, you might enjoy this video.

I used the Natural History design and rolled them as flat beads using my new soft grip popsicle stick.

How to string paper beads
These beads are also made using one of my free printables – click here to see that post.

The video I made shows you clearly how to string these or any flat paper beads horizontally.

And as promised, I also have a new free paper bead strip printable for you with this post.

My latest free printable design…
…and the beads I made with it.

You can get this free printable by clicking here to go to my Google Drive where my printables are stored.

Please read my Terms & Conditions of using my free printables by clicking here.

And if you want to string them horizontally, you can use the method I concocted in the video.

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So please check everything you buy to make sure it is what you need – it is your responsiblity.

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How to string paper beads

Thanks for reading and watching the video.

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Hope you learned something new from how to string paper beads – bye for now.