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How To Make Unique Greeting Cards

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If you want to know how to make unique greeting cards that stand out, this post is for you.

And as always there is a free printable futher down the page.

how to make unique greeting cards
The combined embossing/die cut folder I used for this came from Hobby Craft in the UK. Sadly, when I searched to see if they still sell them, I found they don’t. BUT, I managed to find what appears to be the last seven Manadala cut/emboss folders on the planet! See details of how you can get one further down the page

How to make unique greeting cards from your own artwork or any highly colored card.

I was asked a question about one of my Instagram posts by Karishma and I made a quick video to answer her.

Then I decided to share the video on YouTube and you can see that video by clicking here.

The cards I show in the video were actually made last summer but I edited the video clips to make a shorter film.

In this film, I don’t show how I painted the basic colors on the cards but I do show how I put the gold on.

Anyone who wants to know how to make unique greeting cards using homemade artwork may not know how to paint.

But it is fairly easy to get the look that my cards have, you do not need to be a ‘brilliant’ artist – I’m certainly not!

I just enjoy sploshing paint around and I have learned some really easy techniques that absolutely anyone can use.

In this video, I have linked to another video showing how I paint backgrounds for my art journals.

And I used the same basic Gelli printing technique to create the paintings you see in my latest video.

Everything you need to make your own Gelli prints and emboss and/or die cut them is in my Amazon shops.

You can go over to either of my Amazon storefronts to have a look at how much these things cost.

You are welcome to buy from my shops but please double check that everything you buy is suitable for you.

I can’t always source exactly the same products as I use in my videos, so I sometimes get the nearest fit.

The responsibilty for what you buy is with you as the buyer.

Amazon Affiliate policy.

You may be able to get them at your local craft store too.

Now what about the Mandala cut and emboss folder?

The Mandala Cut and Emboss folder I used
This is what it looks like used on painted paper and then dry brushed with gold.

As I said earlier, I have found seven of these folders after searching high and low online.

A Hobby Craft rep couldn’t tell me why they have stopped selling them.

They won’t be with me until the middle of September but as soon as they are here, I will put them in my Etsy shop.

I will let you know through this blog so if you want one, subscribe to my blog and you will know as soon as they are in my shop.

This is what the Mandala cut and Emboss folder looks like inside. The grey area gets cut out and the patterns in the corners and centre only emboss the card.
This cut and emboss feature seems very unusual as I cannot find any other folders that do this. If anyone out there knows of any, please tell us about them.

And for anyone who wants to create this look but does not want to paint their own design…

…I have scanned one of my own Gelli Prints for your to print and use.

The painting I did…
how to make unique greeting cards
…the A5 Inkjet print I did of it

If you choose to use my free printable, you will need to print on at least 180gsm (49lb) photo paper.

To make sure this printable would look good as an embossed card, I went through the process you see in the video.

This was the result…

The embossed card. I used a flower design folder I already had. But could not find it online. There are similar ones in my Amazon storefronts.
how to make unique greeting cards
Inside the card
I printed a simple greeting and stuck it in.

Here is a video showing how I made the card above from the free printable I’m giving away with this post.

Colors may vary depending on your printer.

To make this card, simply click here to download my free art printable and follow my latest YouTube video.

You are welcome to use my free printable but please read and abide by these Terms & Conditions , thank you.

But what if you can’t afford to buy an embossing machine right now – or simply don’t want one?

There is another alternative that I have come up with to get the embossed look – it’s a bit of a cheat but it’s easy and fun.

Click here to see the video I made on how to do it. You can get ideas on how to get by without an embossing machine.

I hope my YouTube video and the short one above helped.

Please ask questions via the contact form or comment under the video over on YouTube.

I’ll be back soon with more free printables so become a subscriber to this blog if you want them as soon as they come out.

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You may also like to follow me on Instagram because I will be posting details of free printables over there too.

Hope you enjoyed how to make unique greeting cards – see you again very soon.

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