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BoHo Paper Beads – Free Printables!

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BoHo paper beads are hot hot hot!

Glorious Boho Paper Beads for you to make

Boho paper beads will add sizzle to your summer wardrobe!

And to make it easy for you to get this hot look, I have created four new and original designs.

You can see the video on how I made my beads by clicking here – but don’t go yet – read on!

These paper bead designs began on my very messy painting table using acrylic paints.

A very small selection of the many original paintings that I used to create my BoHo paper bead designs

Then, using a mix of photography and careful digital manipulation, I created some design symmetry.

This paved the way for me to create some intricate, mirrored patterns to use on my bead strips.

I’m not a huge fan of creating digitally from scratch – I prefer to spend a day or two immersed in paint.

But from there I then go digital with what I have created on canvas or paper and this time, I created these bead designs.

And the good news is, three of the design sheets are free!

(Links to the designs are further down.)

The fourth one is in my Etsy shop to buy and download to use as many times as you like to make dumbbell beads.

So you can see, I have been very busy since my last post when I brought you my free USA patriotic paper bead templates.

After I did that video, I went to town on these really splashy, colourful designs for you because I set out to add a bit of punch to your summer (or winter in some parts of the world!)

BoHo Paper Beads – what does that even mean?

We all know that BoHo is short for Bohemian ie, unconventional, so I set out to create a set of unconventional bead strips.

I wanted to make every strip on the sheet different and so that is what I did.

Usually, paper bead strip sheets tend to have one design so every strip makes the same bead.

I wanted to mix it up and have sheets with all different designs on them, just like we are all unique in our own way.

BoHo Paper Beads
An unconventional sheet of paper bead strips
BoHo Paper Beads
BoHo paper beads that pack a visual a punch

And to make the designs truly BoHo, in my original paintings, I used bold and daring colors next to each other.

I made sure I was not conservative in my color choices and I took inspiration from nature.

We visited some nurseries to look at plants for our garden and while we were there, I got busy snapping hundreds of beautiful colors.

I’m always amazed at how beautifully nature puts bold colors together in combinations we would say ‘clash’.

So there it is, my new designs inspired by nature!

To get my free designs, all you have to do is click here to go over to my Google Drive.

All the designs are in one folder and are in both US Letter and International A4 sizes.

You can read my Terms & Conditions of using the designs by clicking here.

There aren’t many but please respect the ones I do have as I put a huge amount of work into the designs.

BoHo Paper Beads
To get the dumb bell shaped paper bead design, click here to go to my Etsy shop.

To get exactly the same look and size as my beads, you will need to print the designs onto Glossy 180gsm photo paper.

That’s UK paper weight but it’s 49 lb in USA paper weight.

If you want to use the same paper that I use, go to my Amazon shops – it’s listed there.

Amazon UK

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Thank you for visiting here, I would love you to subscribe and join my craft tribe. You will get access to all the free printables and you will know as soon as I publish new ones.

You will find more free printables here on the page where I list all the links.

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy making some BoHo paper beads! 😘