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Free Printable Cupcake Images For You

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Here are some free printable cupcake images to cheer you up in February!

Please note – there is a link at the bottom of the page to all the cupcake designs I am giving away.

I don’t have many terms and conditions attached to how you can use any of my free printables.

But please read the few I do have here before downloading and using them. Thank you.

There are also Amazon Affiliate links in this post and you can see my Amazon statement here.

One of the images in the free bundle – see further down for all the images.

Free printable cupcake images to use in many crafts.

Free printable cupcake images may be just the thing to cheer you up if the weather wherever you are is anything like it has been in the UK.

Where we live on the east coast, we are under several inches of snow right now.

Yes, I know it’s no big deal to some of you but we don’t get snow very often!

February always feels like the longest month to me, even though it is the shortest.

So I decided to create some free cupcake images for you to use in your crafts.

What can you use the images for? Well, you could use this image below as it is, to print off and use to make a greeting card for someone special.

A print out of the Hello Cupcake greeting card design.
The design, cut out and mounted with 3D sticky pads on a red card blank.

I have designed this cute little quartet of cupcakes so you can print it with or without the ‘Hello Cupcake’ sentiment across the middle.

I printed mine off onto thick, glossy photo paper.

Then I cut it out and mounted it onto some very thick red card that I folded into a square card blank.

I used 3D sticky pads (UK) (US)to make it stand out from the card.

You could glue an insert inside, with a poem or message if you wanted to.

Or you could use my free printable cupcake images, to make stickers.

free printable cup
I printed this off through my Silhouette Cameo machine.
free printable cupcake images
Using ‘kiss cut’ settings, you can create stickers.

One of the cup cake designs is for Silhouette Cameo users.

The stickers you see here were made by using the heart shape design I adapted to use with electronic cutters.

There are two cupcake heart designs in the bundle, one is for cutting by hand and one is for those using a cutting machine.

Use this to print onto glossy sticker paper and cut by hand
Use this to print onto glossy sticker paper and kiss cut on a Silhouette Cameo cutter

The design on the right has been arranged with more space so you can create an offset line around the hearts.

free printable cupcake images
Stickers cut offset on my Cameo machine

So where are the free printable cupcake images and how can you get them ?

There are 17 free designs for you (see the images below) and I have put them all on Google Drive for you to download the full res versions.

UK A4 Size for hand cutting
US Letter size for Silhouette Cameo cutting
UK A4 size for Silhouette Cameo cutting
US Letter size for hand cutting

There are no catches at all and you may use my designs in your crafts as often as you wish.

So just read my terms and conditions, click on this link to download and enjoy!

There are many more free printables in the pipeline so subscribe and make sure you get them all.

For more free craft printables and craft ideas, click the link below.

And lots of my craft ideas and tutorials here on my YouTube channel.

And if you are stuck for craft supplies, check out my Amazon shopfront links below.

There you will find lots of the products and supplies I use in my tutorial videos.

Thank you for reading and I hoope you enjoy using my free printable cupcake images – see you again soon.

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