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Art Chill-Out – Relax & Unwind With Images and Music

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Art Chill-Out

Art chill-out is a short interlude of images and music to brighten your day.

An image from my chill-out video – See YouTube link below.

(If you are missing the weekly craft tutorial, I’ll let you into a secret, it’s not on YouTube yet but last week I made a step-by-step tutorial over on Instructables showing how to make a beautiful bracelet from a piece of wallpaper and an old pair of pantyhose/tights. See image below.)

A bracelet made purely from discarded scraps.

Art chill-out is a video I put together last week showing a collection of my artwork.

Why? Well sadly I hurt my back and was unable to complete my usual weekly craft tutorial as I was flat on my back.

So, armed with only my iPad, I decided to use a folder full of images I took of my artwork and create a video using the iMovie app.

Then I selected some chilled music to add and I was able to go ahead and publish a video as I usually do each Saturday at 8.30pm London time..

My Art Chill-Out video is for anyone who wants to relax and unwind for ten minutes.

The music is quite soothing and the images are colorful. They are all created by me through painting, photography or digital art. Sometimes I create my pieces using a combination of all three.

So if the current worldwide situation is stressing you out, watch my art chill-out video.

You can enjoy a brief respite from reality while you look through my images.

If it’s crafts keeping you sane, go over to my Instrucables page .

There you can find out how to turn junk into a pretty bracelet .

I also have lots of free printables for crafting use – you can find them by clicking here.

See you next week with another craft tutorial and another free craft printable!

This art chill-out post is unusual but as I said, I was unwell and not able to work.

Next week there will be free images to make a beautiful pendant with a sun moon and stars theme.

So subscribe to this blog now if you don’t want to miss out on your free printables.

And if you really want to keep up, go over to my YouTube channel and subscribe there too.

I hope you enjoy my art chillout video (there is a clue in it to next Saturday’s free printable😍), can you find it?