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What Can You Make With Cereal Boxes That Is Strong, Hard Wearing, Cool and Wearable?

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Well, what can you make with cereal boxes that you can actually wear? 

Answer – very inexpensive but robust pendant bezels that you can make lots of, very quickly and that you can turn into these stunning pieces of cool fashion jewelry.

Pendant bezels made from cereal box card and PVA glue – I leave mine to dry out on top of acrylic paint bottles so they don’t stick to anything when they are wet.

What can YOU make with cereal boxes? –  Do you want to find a way to make cool stuff that is wearable – then check out my video on YouTube.

You can watch as I bring these pendants to life and see exactly the steps I took to create the pendants you see here.

It’s really pretty easy and you can, very quickly, produce lots of gorgeous pendants that you could sell at craft fairs if you finish them neatly and professionally.

What can you make with cereal boxes that is truly useable. And why would you want to?

My reasons for asking what can you make with cereal box card  were about finding ways to use what I saw as a precious craft resource.

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll probably already know how much I love up-cycling cereal box card.

There must be tons and tons of this card going into landfill every day and yet people go into craft shops every day to buy expensive materials to craft with.

Many years ago, I discovered that if you glue layers of cereal box card together with PVA glue, you end up with a very robust resource that feels and performs like lightweight wood.

Cereal box card makes brilliant covers for handmade albums.
The covers ready to bind into an album.
The finished album – my studio album that I have been making notes in since 2015 – a bit worn but going strong!

In my current YouTube project and, in lots of my other projects, you see me using cereal box card for making jewelry and charms that no one would ever guess are simply made from what most people throw away as rubbish.

But you can use cereal box card for lots of other crafts. Another of my favourite ways of using it is for scrap book album covers.

Over the years I have created many handmade albums using cereal boxes for the covers. They sold well at craft fairs and this red album on the right is one I have been writing notes in for years – still going strong!

Over time, I have also made many pretty pieces of jewelry using cereal box card and I am forever dreaming up new ways to create stunning designs.

The charms in the picture below were made from cereal box card and are still going strong! Click here to read the blog post.

The idea for the latest make on my YouTube Chanel came to me in a flash of inspiration while clearing out my stash of junk resources.

I’m pretty sure I am not the only crafter who hoards all sorts of stuff that will ‘come in handy’ for crafting.

My old studio was stuffed with box after box, full of flattened cereal boxes, brochures printed on paper way too good to simply throw away, discarded wrapping paper, paper bags, gift bags – all sorts of ‘stuff’.

Two of my many boxes of craft junk.

I was constantly dipping into my boxes for ‘free’ stuff to use in my projects.

But sadly, I have now lost my studio space.

My dad died last Fall and  we need to make way to have my mum come and live with us, so we will need that space.

My old studio will be turned into a bedroom and sitting room so my mum can still have some independence.

But it’s been really good for me to lose that space.

It has forced me to have a massive clear-out of all my craft stuff and make me have a really good look at it all.

All that really obscure stuff that I probably would never have used has gone as I only have room to store half of what I used to.

It was while I was going through my stash of craft  junk that I once again started pondering the question – What can you make with cereal boxes? Probably because I have so many!

One of my many boxes of cereal box card waiting and begging me to keep on asking – What can you make with cereal boxes? 

Ideas for my next YouTube project were still bouncing around inside my head – nothing was decided.

And then I found something else in the box  that started my creative juices flowing and the idea for these pendants hit me. I found what would become the ‘lead’ for my faux stained glass design.

Being knee deep in paper junk at the time was annoying because once I’d had the idea, I couldn’t wait to finish junk sorting and get started on it!

I wasn’t really sure it would work – even when I was almost at the end of the project, I still wasn’t sure that the pendants were going to look ok but then, when I started actually putting the parts together, I was really pleased with how they looked.

As soon as I got to the point where I fixed the overlay in place on the front of the pendant, I knew the technique I had visualised was going to work.

It’s always exciting when a new idea comes together! All I had left to do was finish off with a layer of 3D Gloss and fix a bail in place so I could hang the pendant on a necklace.

Now it’s your turn to have a go and make your own stunning pendants in your own gorgeous color choices.

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If you buy from my stores, I do receive a teeny commission from Amazon but as always,  do shop around for the best deals and be sure about what you are buying. Read reviews – do your research.

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So there you have it! One very pretty answer to the burning question – What can you make with cereal boxes?