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Doodling On Pebbles and Stones

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Doodling on pebbles and stones is great fun and very inexpensive!

It is a craft that all ages and abilities can do and all you need are the kind of smooth, flat pebbles you find on the beach. If you want to go straight to my film on how I prepare my stones and then doodle on them, click here.

If you don’t live near the beach but want to try doodling on pebbles and stones, turn over some earth in your garden and see what kind of stones there are where you live – you may be lucky!

What craft stuff do you need for doodling on pebbles and stones?

The good news is, not much! You will of course need whatever pebbles or stones you have found for free and a couple of black fine liner pens. You may want to use a colored gel pen as well if you want to do what I have done here and add a dash of color. I used a red metallic glitter gel pen.

You will also need one of those finger nail buffing gizmos to prepare the surface of your stone or pebble (see my film on YouTube for how I use it.)

doodling on pebbles and stones

If you want to have a go at doodling on pebbles and stones, watch my very short film here.

I have also put links to a finger nail buffer and some pens you may want to try on your pebbles and stones.

Have fun with doodling on pebbles and stones and don’t forget to let me know how you get on, in the comments section below.