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How To Transfer An Image To Glass

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There are many reasons why you may want to learn how to transfer an image to glass.

In my latest video How To Transfer An Image To Glass I show you how to transfer an image to a sheet of glass that you could stand in a window to catch the light coming through.

In a second short video How To Transfer Images To Glass Objects, I show you how I put my images onto a small glass and a large vase.

You can use the self-adhesive acetate in many different ways on glasses, bottles, mirrors or windows to add color and design.

With a little creativity, you can make some gorgeous personalized presents or items to sell.

How to transfer an image to glass

If you want to know how to transfer an image to glass because you want to make pretty gifts, you should know this technique works for other glass objects.

I will be making a video soon showing you how to create beautiful images yourself that you can use to make stickers for glassware.

The images below were created using black Sharpie markers for the outline and a range of Sharpie colors.

The one on the right has had further work done on it in image editing programs after I finished drawing it. I will be going into detail about that too in another post.

Although it looks quite difficult to draw out freehand for people who ‘can’t draw’, the technique for creating these kinds of designs is pretty easy once you have a go.

I spend hours doing these designs to keep in my resource folder and I will explain where and how I do it in another post.

Below you can see a couple of ways I have used artwork when I was experimenting with how to transfer images to glass.

I used one of my hand-drawn 60s style psychodelic drawings (above right) to create the cute cutout hearts which I transferred to the glass.

And I also used one of the designs a member of my team created for a whole series of owls for another project.

I put them on a large plain glass vase I had and the three little owls really made it look really special.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and will watch the video from the link above.

I am pretty sure I won’t be able to wash the drinking glass and so bear in mind that these projects are for decorative use only.

It would be OK to put water in them for flowers but you will need to be careful when filling and rinsing.

Thank you for reading this – I hope you enjoyed a brief look at what is possible and will explore putting your own images onto glass.

If you have experimented with how to transfer an image to glass, please scroll down and leave a comment telling me about it.