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Have You Thought About Turning Photos Into Sketches?

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turning photos into sketches

Turning Photos Into Sketches

Easily turn this…
…into this.

Turning photos in sketches is a brilliant way for people who feel they ‘cannot draw’, to be creative.

If you want to know how I achieved the effect you see above, you can watch a short film I made explaining how you can be more creative with your photos.

For this particular tutorial, you will need an iPad or iPhone if you want to copy what I have done in the film.

Turning photos in sketches is very easy with iPad and a little help. Click To Tweet

The film can be seen here.

Turning photos into sketches is, as you can see in the film, very simple.

And no, it isn’t cheating. It is a way for you to express yourself through the camera and then, use this free app as a tool to explore the creative possibilities of your photos.

If you watch the film, you will see at the end of it, I speak briefly about how using this app is part of a wider process for me. I don’t just hit a couple of buttons, get my instant pencil sketch and send it out on social media proclaiming my ‘masterpiece’.

The app is just part of my overall tool box for experimentation.

Turning photos into sketches using the app is not the end for me, it is a means to an end.

In this film, I show a very simplistic way of using the results of turning photos into sketches.

In this case, I saved the pencil image to my iPad and then sent it to my Mac where I opened it in Photoshop, enlarged it and then printed it onto art paper.

Then I did some very subtle coloring with colored pencils and scanned the result which I opened up in Photoshop again and muted the colors before printing it.

This is just one of endless ways you can create arty images with this simple little app and then push the boundaries further to create something more.

The real artistry comes in at the photography stage when you are visualizing what you will do with it afterwards using the app and some further artistic work on the print.

I have lost count of the number of people who see my work and say, ‘oh you are clever’, I wish I was creative.

My answer to that is always, no, I’m not clever, I’m just braver than you. I explore and experiment because I am not afraid of ‘getting it wrong’.

My message to you is, don’t be afraid of ‘getting it wrong’.

With any creativity, my message to you is, don’t be afraid of ‘getting it wrong’. Click To Tweet

Turning photos into sketches is a great way for people to discover their creative side and develop it.

If you have any questions or experience with turning photos into sketches, scroll down to ‘leave a reply’ and talk to me!