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Turning Photos Into Art – Video Tutorial

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Please note –  re turning photos into art – there is also a written tutorial to go with this film which you can find by clicking here.

Turning photos into art is a very popular craft now as people make use of design software to create ‘paintings’.

You can then have art canvases made to put on your walls or have your creations printed onto fabric, T shirts, tote bags and even mugs.

This video shows how turning photos into art is pretty easy with Photoshop.

This video shows how turning photos into art is pretty easy with Photoshop. Click To Tweet

And no, I am not a Photoshop pro and yes, this is my own weird and wonderful way of doing things.

There are a million different ways I use Photoshop to help with turning photos into art and none of them have been ‘taught’ to me by ‘experts’.

I also use Photoshop to create art from scratch with no photos involved.

Maybe my methods would make a Photoshop pro’s hair stand on end but hey, it’s a free world and we can all experiment – we don’t all have to be experts.

There are lots of other apps that make turning photos into art really easy.

turning photos into art
turning photos into art

If you are keen to get into turning photos into art but do not have Photoshop, come back at the end of February when I will show you some cheaper, or free alternatives.

I will be exploring a couple  of brilliant art apps that I use on my iPad

The ‘drawing’ you see above on the right was created from a very mundane photo (above left) on my iPad using a simple app which I will be demonstrating in my next post.

If you have any questions or comments about turning photos into art, scroll down to ‘leave a reply’.

If you have some unique methods of turning photos into art – let me know about them.

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