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Union Jack Craft Ideas

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Canada Day crafts

Union Jack craft ideas? Actually, it’s a Union Jack craft IDEA – and guess what?

It’s Union Jack paper beads! And there is a new free Union Jack paper bead printable for you.

The link to it is further down the page. The YouTube video tutorial is here.

Union Jack Craft Ideas

Saturday May 6th 2023 will be the day the UK gets a new monarch. So of course, everywhere you turn in the uk right now there are Union Jack flags.

And after speaking to a friend in the US, I realised it’s not just Brits who are coronation crazy at the moment. Many people all over the world will be watching as the new King steps up to be crowned.

So I started thinking about Union Jack craft ideas for any Monarchy enthusiasts who enjoy crafting.

Actually it was my husband of all people who came up with the union Jack paper bead idea.

The least arty crafty man on the planet. He’s very creative in the garden and with woodworking but definitely not an indoor crafter.

I am very grateful to him for the idea and I may promote him to Chief Ideas Person. 😍

So at that point my search for Union Jack craft ideas stopped at just the one idea.

Afterall, there is less than a week to go until the big day.

And I don’t really have time to sit and dream up other Union Jack craft ideas when all I want is to get on with my beads.

So today, my Union Jack free printable was born and I’ve done the strips as half-inch tapered tube beads.

Union Jack Craft Ideas
Union Jack Craft Ideas
Just download the file and cut the srips with a craft knife and ruler as I have done in the YouTube video tutorial.

The video I have made is a very quick one as most of you know how this process works by now.

And for anyone who doesn’t, there are longer videos on my channel showing how to make paper beads.

There are lots more free printables over on my free printables page which you can find here.

Well that’s it for my Union Jack craft ideas which turned out to be just the one!

Hope you enjoy using the design and wherever you are and whatever you choose to do to on May 6th 2023 – have a great day.

We will be out on the river in our kayak because crowds are not our thing and we don’t watch TV!

See you again very soon with more craft ideas and free printables.