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Salt Dough Jewelry

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salt dough jewelry

Salt dough jewelry – fun and economical to make.

Salt dough jewelry is really easy to make.

In my last YouTube project I showed you how, but in this project, I have made improvements to the technique.

If you want to go straight to my latest YouTube video tutorial, please click here.

As a complete newbie to salt dough jewelry, I shared my mistakes with you in the last video.

In this project, I share what I learned from my mistakes and how I improved on the results.

I liked the red pendants I made last time – but there were aspects of the project I didn’t like.

Salt Dough Jewelry

What was the main problem with the jewelry I made last time?

Well, I didn’t like the thickness of some of the pieces. I rolled out the dough too thick, so some of the pendant bases came out much too chunky.

Salt Dough Jewelry

There was no consistency in the way I rolled the dough out so some pendant bases were thicker than others. The ones you see above were very thick and chunky, so I didn’t use them.

Also, I baked them badly so some of them puffed up completely and some got burnt or curled up.

In the video, I show how to make the dough and bake it so they come out flat and hard.

Salt Dough Jewelry

How did I manage to get my dough pendants rolled out to the same thickness?

Well I bought myself a rolling pin meant for rolling out cake icing. It’s got rubber rings on either end and the rings keep the thickness consistent.

I have put some of these rolling pins in my Amazon shops.

However, most stores that sell cake making stuff would have them.

Amazon had these rolling pins at the time of writing but that may have changed now.

My Amazon Affliate statement.

Fancy having a go at salt dough jewelry?

Watch my video if you need some guidance and then have a go.

The most fun part is creating texture and choosing colours and embellishments for your pendants.

I show you how to do all that and give you some ideas to begin with.

Then you can start designing your own salt dough jewelry – have fun and see you in the next project!