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Paper Pendants – Make Beautiful Jewellery From Junk

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Paper pendants made from discarded cereal box cardboard are very easy to make!

These pendants are great fun to make and you can add your own abstract artwork.

It gives you exciting, bold and beautiful one-off pieces of jewellery to wear or give away as presents.

My paper pendants were made by using a discarded cereal box.

I created the curved base that I then mounted my artwork on.

They are really easy to make!

I have made a video so you can have a go, you can find it on You Tube by clicking here.

If you do not have your own artwork to use, then get painting!

There are many ways you could create your own paintings, even if you ‘can’t paint’.

The images I used for these pendants were created using the shaving foam method.

Its a really easy and fun method to create art for paper pendants.

You squirt shaving foam all over a glass chopping board or metal baking tray.

This is messy so it needs to be done on something you can wash easily.

Then you drip food coloring onto the foam in various harmonious colors.

After that you take a tooth pick and swirl the colors around on the surface of the foam.

Then the fun part!

Watercolor paper is perfect for paper pendants by the way.

You take a sheet of watercolor paper and lay it on top of the foam, pressing down gently.

You want the entire paper covered in foam.

Then you peel the paper back and it looks an absolute mess – BUT – magic happens!

Lay the paper down with the foamy mess upwards and drag a window squeegee firmly across the paper.

The squeegee needs to be be in complete contact with the paper and wipe al the foam off.

And you are left with a beautiful, abstract, marbled design – so easy and pretty.

Watch this video to see what I just described here, in action.

This person uses watercolours whereas I use food coloring but the result is the same.

You can also use any image you like from photos or images torn from magazines.

You can even use one of my free printables which you can find by clicking here.

But remember, paper pendants bearing your own abstract art are unique to you.

No one can ever copy exactly what you have painted

Have fun making your jewelry by simply splashing vivid acrylic paints around on some good quality art paper.

Do not get hung on ‘doing it properly’ – this is for fun and experimentation!

There is no ‘properly’ – just play with the paint and have fun in the process.

When dry, find an area of your painting you really like and punch it out with an oval craft punch.

This will form the front of your paper pendant.

Then use an empty cereal box to make a strong and durable base for your pendant.

You do this by punching out oval shapes to layer and mould, the way I demonstrate in

the video tutorial below.

paper pendants

I hope you enjoy the video and have fun making your own paper pendants from junk.

Check back here soon for more tutorials on using junk and paper scraps to make paper pendants and other beautiful jewellery – happy crafting!

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me on social media below.

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