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Paper Earrings – Free Designs!

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Paper earrings are so easy to make – and I just made it even easier for you.

There is a step-by-step video here on my YouTube channel RainbowLane.

And, there is a free printable sheet of my brand new, super boho designs for you to use.

One of the 15 one inch designs I am giving away on my free printable.

I will leave a link to it further down this post.

There are absolutely no catches to getting or using my free printables.

I do not ask for any information, I simply provide a link to the Googledrive where my free printables are stored.

There are lots of past free printables to choose from – click here to see what you can get.

The A4 printable sheet with 15 one inch paper earrings designs repeated 4 times
The free printable cut into it’s four 6×4 sheets

These designs are all new for 2024 and beyond.

They are fun, colorful and you can make beautiful, unique earrings with them.

Just follow my new paper earrings YouTube tutorial.

Watch the video to see how to use my free paper earrings designs and to see what I made with them.

The designs are very bright and bold and can be cut as is, into 1inch squares, or cut smaller.

The choice is yours – I show you both ways and I even show you how to make them into hearts.

paper earrings
One of the 15 square designs easily adapted to create heart shaped earrings.

Paper earrings are not new, they’ve been around for a very long time.

I started experimenting with making paper earrings way back in the 70s, using glue to stiffen the paper.

But my techniques have changed with the times and I enjoy making use of modern technology.

These paper earrings will not be for everyone because they are not a recycling project.

But, not all projects have to be about recycling!

You can, of course, make paper earrings from recycled materials if you want to.

If you want to see how I use discarded paper products to make jewelry, click here to see the project shown below.

paper earrings
Paper beads made from a glossy flyer.
paper earrings
And a bracelet made from the paper beads.

For these paper earrings, I spent a few weeks creating the designs.

I also spent time creating the art cards that I display my earrings on.

paper earrings
paper earrings

In this video, I don’t show how I create my art cards, however, if you would like to know how I do it, leave me a comment over on my YouTube channel.

If I get enough requests, I will do a video on making the art cards for packaging paper earrings because that is another fun project.

What paper did I use in the video?

Well, I used two different sorts of paper to make my paper earrings. I used a smooth white, matte photo paper that is designed to go through inkjet printers.

paper earrings
I got this paper from Ryman’s in the UK
paper earrings
This paper is available in my Amazon shop in the UK. It is especially for Inkjet printers.

I also used a much heavier weight watercolour paper that is not designed to go through printers.

So how did I get it to print my paper earrings designs without wrecking my printer?

Luckily, alongside my A4 Epson printer, I also have an A3 Epson EcoTank 8550 which has a flat paper feed.

This printer is absolutely brilliant and I can highly recommnend it to anyone who needs really high quality art prints.

The flat feed – one of three feeds – means it will take quite thick paper through with no problem.

You can see the printer, along with items used in this video, in my Amazon shops – links further down.

If you don’t have a flat feed printer – don’t despair!

If you are UK based, you can get some watercolour paper made especially for Inkjet printers.

It is made by Bockingford (see pic higher up) and should go through any printer that will take 190 gsm/90lb paper.

Using watercolour paper will give your paper earrings a slightly more arty look than plain paper – but both look really good.

Ok, so what can you do with these earring designs?

Well of course, you can make earrings for yourself or, to give as presents.

But, if you sell at craft fairs or online platforms, you can very quickly make 15 pairs of earrings from one A4 printable.

And you can present them the way I have done, on a hand painted card with your business name on.

The double post hole punch I used to put the tiny holes in the earring cards is also available in both my Amazon storefronts.

I popped my earrings into small cellophane bags to give them a professional touch.

I do have them in both my Amazon shop if you cannot get them locally.

They are 3″x4″ size and so the cards with the earrings on fit in nicely

So, do you fancy having a go?

Then click here to get the free A4 paper earrings designs printable.

There are a few Terms & Conditions about how you can use my free designs.

There aren’t many, but please read the ones I do have and respect them – thank you.

If you want to have a look at what I have in my Amazon shops, use the appropriate link below:

Please see my Amazon affiliate statement here.

And if you want to see more free printables in future – please subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss my new ones.

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Thank you for stopping by – see you again soon with more free designs and ideas.