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Paper Bead Tutorial – Free Designs

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Paper bead tutorial

Paper bead tutorial – another free printable design for you.

Following on from my last post, I have another free printable design for making earrings.

The link to my free printable will be in the heading of the last paragraph of this post.

(Please note – this post icludes some affliate links – see my affliliate link policy here.)

There is also a short paper bead tutorial using this printable on my YouTube channel.

This time, my free design is for making eight individual pairs of earrings.

Last time, the design was for eight pairs of the same earring so this time, you have more variety.

paper bead tutorial
Earring paper beads made using my last free printable.
paper bead tutorial
Earrings made with my newest free design – link in last paragraph of this post.

The paper bead tutorial is extremely easy to follow and it’s great for paper bead beginners.

And once again, I have created 16 strips per A4 page to get eight pairs of earrings from once A4 sheet.

This means you need to print the design onto thicker paper to give the bead some substance.

paper bead tutorial
This is the paper I use for my beads – USA readers click here and UK readers click here.

If you use thinner paper your beads will be flatter and lighter – so you really need to use thicker paper.

Glossy paper means instantly glossy beads.

In my tutorial, I didn’t glaze or seal the paper beads because they are already glossy from the paper I used.

But if you want to use a sealer, such as Triple Thick, I recommend printing my design on matte paper.

I use many different products to seal my matte paper beads.

But Triple Thick is a great option because it really is like having three coats in one application.

You can get it buy clicking one of the links below.

In my videos, I have often used a special punch tool to make holes in flat beads, bottle caps or the tin material I use.

Obviously, you can punch holes in any crafts that need tiny holes by using a pokey tool.

But I prefer using this, as seen in my video, because the holes are neat, round and uniform in size.

If you just poke through, you are not removing a circle of paper/tin, you are just breaking through it.

This tool removes a tiny, neat circle of your material.

Click the links to the left to buy this tool.

If you like the paper bead tutorial over on my YT channel – there is lots more for you to enjoy.

I regularly giveway free craft printables and you can find my back catalogue by clicking here.

You will find lots of designs to use in your crafting and I am adding to the list all the time.

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Download it, print it onto at least 180gsm glossy or matte paper and follow my tutorial on YouTube.

And don’t forget to read the Terms & Conditions of downloading and using my free printables.

There aren’t many but please respect those I have or I might stop giving them away! 😍

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoyed my paper bead tutorial – see you again soon with more freebies.

One final note…

This isn’t about my paper bead tutorial but bear with me!

At the end of my paper bead tutorial video, I mentioned another YouTuber called Nigel who I recently discovered.

He does some really uplifting videos that I have found very motivational and comforting to watch.

I mentioned that I would post links to some of my favourite videos of his here.

But as I also have found some more, similarly uplifting channels to Nigels, I thought I would do a seperate posts about them.

So you can find the post about Nigel’s YouTube channel over on my sister blogging website by clicking here.

That’s the original blog I started before I made this one dedicated to paper bead tutorials and general crafting.

So if you feel in need of some uplifting, gentle listening, go and read that post.

We all need a bit of gentleness in these very unsettling times.