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Paper Bead Art!

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paper bead hack

This paper bead art hack is easy and to help, there is a free printable paper bead strip template linked further down this post.

This paper bead art hack will change your paper beads!

paper bead hacks
Using my decorative paper bead hack on my latest paper beads

Yes, I know I came up with this idea two years ago but it is my favourite paper bead art hack.

So I have made another tutorial over on my Youtube channel because I love these new beads I made.

These paper beads look as if they might take ages to make but, they don’t!

Looks are deceiving but, you don’t need any artistic skills to get this effect on your paper beads.

The first time I came up with this paper bead art hack, I made these beads…

It was before I had refined the beads to what they have now become.

Then I came up with these paper beads…

The round ones in the middle were made with this paper bead art hack and it worked really well.

Then I refined my beads to using the hack with this style of paper bead…

And these are my latest creations using this paper bead art hack…

paper bead hack
Easy to make! Watch my tutorial.

How can you make these pretty, decorative paper beads?

You will need some 230 gsm card in several different colours. I get mine on Amazon and there will be links to my Amazon shops further down.

Most of what I use in my videos is available in my shops, however, I would urge you to get whatever you can locally if possible.

My Amazon shops are there for anyone who can’t get out or who does not a have a local craft store to use.

How to use my free printable template to make paper bead strips.

You need to download the free printable template for this project and print it off several times to use as shown below.

You will find links to lots more of my free printables over on my free printables page.

But please read the Terms & Conditions of using my free printables – there aren’t many I promise!

Or you can cut strips on an electronic cutter such as a Silhouette Cameo or Cricut machine.

And it’s very easy to cut paper bead strips on an electronic cutting machine. That’s how I cut most of mine now but, using this template is very easy and quite quick.

Paper bead strips cut on my Silhouette Cameo
However you cut them, you will end up with lots of strips to use.

Once you have got your strips all cut, follow the tutorial over on my YouTube channel.

If you don’t have a craft store nearby, you can find most of the supplies used in this video in my Amazon shops.

These are the links:-

Amazon UK

My Amazon Affiliate statement

If you want to buy the 3mm paper bead rolling tube I use in my videos, contact me via Instagram.

My 3mm paper bead rolling tool available in my Etsy shop

That about wraps up this post – hope you enjoy making these paper beads!

I will be back again with more ideas and more free printables.

Sorry I have been gone for around eight months, that’s way too long!

Sadly my dear mum, who was living with us, passed away last summer and I haven’t felt like working.

Hopefully my craft mojo is back and there will be more videos and freebies.

Bye for now everyone and thanks for reading this far. 😘