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Paper Bead Cuffs

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Make this trendy bracelet from paper beads.

Paper bead cuffs are my way of using my own art to create pieces of jewellery.

To create the paper bead cuffs, I do an abstract painting in acrylics on a sheet of paper slightly bigger than A4 (US letter size roughly).

The paper I use is usually quite thick and sturdy to create chunkier beads.

To find out more about making paper beads and the tool I use, click here to see a previous post that explains the process.

And to watch a video showing how I made a similar cuff bracelet click here.

To create my paper bead cuffs, I use one of my pre-designed templates.

My templates are available on Etsy here.

They are very easy to use. When using chunky art work that will not go through my printer, I simply print the template on a sheet of plain white paper.

Then I use removable glue tape to keep the template in position on the back of the artwork while I carefully cut the strips.

For the bracelets you see above, I used the one inch double template. This makes the shorter strips that are necessary with thicker paper.

One inch double template available in my Etsy shop.

The reason I love making these paper bead cuffs is because it gives me a reason to paint; I know the paintings will not just sit in a draw.

On the days I feel like painting, I just get to it using whatever colours and mediums grab me at the time and I have built up a huge collection of paintings I can use to make paper bead cuffs.

Having fun with art
This is a typical painting that I have used for making paper bead cuffs.

Paper bead cuffs are easy to make once you get the hang of the process.

I run fun, friendly workshops in Suffolk to teach people how to create paper jewellery and how to use my Easy Beady paper bead tool.

At the classes, students get to use the tool and then have the option of buying one at the end.

Most people find that once they have done a workshop and have the tool, they become addicted to making paper beads!

If you do not live in Suffolk but would like to learn more about the tool or ask any questions about the paper bead making process, contact me via the form found here

Now can start making paper bead cuffs from your own artwork!