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Paper Bead Cores – Finish Your European Style Beads With Style

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Paper bead cores add the perfect finishing touch to paper beads.

Finish Your European Style Paper Beads Beautifully With Metal Paper Bead Cores.

In part one of my two part YouTube tutorial on how to use my European Style paper bead templates, I showed you how to make European style paper beads using the two part template available in my Etsy shop.

You can find more information about that tutorial here.

In my latest film, I show you how to finish your beads to give them the European look.

Click here to see the film

Paper bead cores
Beads made with my templates.
Paper bead cores
Bracelets made by my workshop students using the templates.

Paper bead cores are the key to taking your paper beads to the next level.

Paper beads can look exceptionally pretty and leave many people astounded that they are made with paper.

But when you add metal paper bead cores, it lifts them to a whole new level.

People who have seen my YouTube videos often ask me where to buy certain supplies they have seen me using.

Most of the products I used in the video are from my own craft stash.

These items, such as the paper bead cores and silicone spacer rings, I have had for some time.

So I often can’t remember where I got some of my craft supplies if they are older.

But I do have supplies, the same or similar to those I use in my videos in my Amazon stores.

You can read my Amazon affiliate statement here.

If you scroll through the products listed, you’ll find most things needed to make items seen in my craft tutorials.

There are some suggestions  on my Amazon craft supplies page that I have not actually used.

Therefore I cannot recommend them from personal experience, they are just suggestions for you to research.

And please do shop around and thoroughly research everything before buying.

In the case of the Imagination Crafts Starlight paints – I did highly recommend them.

However, these don’t seem to be available anymore which is a great shame.

I used to use them all the time and I loved them.

But since updating this post in 2024, I can’t find anywhere that sells them.

But there are great alternatives around if you search for metallic acylic paints.

Along with the paint, the paper bead cores really make these beads look stunning.

No one would ever guess they are made from paper.

Paper bead cores
Paper bead cores

These are some of my European style paper bead bracelets made using the templates. The ones on the right are featured on the Rainbow Lane channel on YouTube.

When you have rolled your beads using my two part template (available in my Etsy shop) they look ok – just ok.

They look like beads made with paper, however, once painted they look very different!

Add the paper bead cores and they look amazing.

Then string them on a faux leather or metal bracelet and they look stunning.

Thanks for watching and reading and I hope you take your paper bead making to the next level by using metal paper bead cores.

Happy crafting!