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Make Your Own Buttons – So Easy and Inexpensive!

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Making your own buttons is great fun.

Making your own buttons is fun and easy.

If you are a journaler or scrapbooker, making your own buttons may be something you’ve thought about doing.

They make very cute additions for dangles or adding to paper clip closures.

Back, when I was creating tutorials for two US based sites, I did one about making buttons from junk.

It was very popular, so I have brought it back for another outing as a quick picture tutorial on my YouTube channel.

The supplies and tools you will need for the project.

Following this project the way I show in the video is quite a quick and easy process.

making your own buttons

The best part is you don’t need any expensive materials. I use one of my old favourites – good old fashioned cereal box card!

You can see a similar post here, where I talk about making charms the same way.

The biggest investment when making your own buttons by my methods is the tools you’ll need.

But of course, if you are a crafter, you’ll probably already have the tools and supplies.

But if not, you can find what you need in craft stores or online.

You have complete control over the style, color and size of your buttons.

The attraction of making my own buttons was being able to create them the way I wanted.

Anyone familiar with creating their own designs in Photoshop or a similar design programme can make some eyecatching designs.

If you aren’t so adventurous,keep an eye out for lovely colours and designs in magazines, wrapping paper or wall paper.

In this project, I used various papers I already had and the results were very pretty.

The buttons you see in the picture at the top of this post are not glazed.

However, you will need to glaze your buttons with a robust glazing agent such as Triple Thick or Diamond Glaze.

This will keep them strong and splash-proof. In the tutorial, I use clear nail varnish – so that is an option if you don’t have anything else.

Please be aware that these buttons are decorative and may not survive being washed on garments.