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Making Handmade Gifts.

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Making handmade gifts? Try this easy bracelet.

Handmade gifts are truly personal, especially handmade jewelry.

Keen to make some inexpensive handmade gifts?

Then this easy to make charm bracelet will be ideal for you.

The template for this bracelet is my own design and is available for instant download in my Etsy shop.

It’s £2.40 (including VAT) and once downloaded, you can print it off as many times as you want.

Just think of everyone you could make handmade gifts for on your birthday list – how many are there?

Once you have the template, you will only need to buy charms and split rings to put on them.

Because the beads themselves are made from the template that you can print off again and again, for personal use.

handmade gifts

Unique handmade gifts are a lovely way to give presents that mean something.

Handmade gifts are a great way to show friends how much they mean to you.

And when we don’t have cash to splash, spending our time making something special instead can be good fun.

Find out how to easily make one of these beautiful bracelets.

You can see step by step instructions over on Instructables or watch the full YouTube video here. 

handmade gifts
handmade gifts
handmade gifts

Having trouble finding craft supplies locally?

Visit my Amazon storefronts where you will find many craft supplies.

These are just suggestions for supplies if you don’t have easy access to them.

But if have a craft store near where you live, shop there or we will lose our independent stores.

The products listed on my Amazon craft supplies page are a guide to what you should be looking for.

The products are the same or similar to those I use.

One that I can recommend first hand is the Glossy Accents as I use it all the time. The rest of the products are my suggestions but do shop around further to compare prices and read reviews.

I manufacture my own 5mm, large hole bead tool called The Easy Beady, (used in the video).

The handle design has changed now to be more comfortable to hold.

They used to be for sale in my etsy shop however, I now only sell them by request.

You can contact me on Instagram if you are interested.

I hope my YouTube video and Instructable tutorial are helpful to you in producing some first class handmade gifts with that personal touch.

Aside from designs in my etsy shop, I also have many free printables – click here to see them.

And click here to see the Terms & Conditions of using my free printables.