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Jewelled Paper Beads

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Jewelled paper beads may not be everyone’s cup of tea but bling lovers will adore them!

Because paper beads can get a bit samey if we don’t get slightly adventurous now and then.

And with the holiday season ahead of us, lets give the sparkley lights something to reflect off!

jewelled paper beads

My Jewelled paper beads are pretty easy to make, if you watch my video.

And I show you two different ways to do it – both ways are easy – one is done before you roll the beads and the other is done after.

jewelled paper beads

The result is lovely jewelled paper beads that sparkle in the light as you move.

And this is perfect for blinging up your sparkly holiday outfits this winter.

You can use your sparkley paper beads to make earrings, bracelets or even a one bead choker.

However, in my video, I just made earrings but you could easily make whatever you fancy from your paper beads.

A single paper bead choker using a jewelled bead.

If you like the look of these blinged up paper beads, do watch the video.

It is over on my YouTube channel – just click here to find it.

And as always, there is a free printable with this post.

It isn’t related to the jewelled paper beads because I used my own hand painted papers for those.

So, if you don’t feel like painting your own papers, you can print this design and use it instead.

My latest free printable – Crazy Circles

You can use it for any crafts, not just paper bead making and you can print onto various types of paper.

I also use it printed onto very thin paper to add into my art collages.

Find the Crazy Circles free printable by clicking here – it’s in A4 and US Letter sizes.

You can print it as many times as you like for personal use.

You will find the Terms & Conditions of downloading my free printables here.

And there is a bonus free printable!

After you have printed your free printable, you will need to cut it into uniform paper bead strips.

My paper bead strips ready to roll.

To make cutting the strips easier, I have designed a template you can print on the back of the free printable.

It can be really tedious measuring and then drawing out your paper bead triangles so you can see where to cut.

But don’t worry! I have designed a free printable template that makes all that a thing of the past.

It prints the paper bead strip cutting lines directly onto the back of your free printable.

All you need to do is print off your free printable, turn it over, put it back into the printer and print the cut lines – easy!

You can get your free cutting lines printable by clicking here.

My cut lines printable, printed on the back of my free printable.
My free printed design on one side and the cut lines printed on the back.

There are lots of my past free printables here.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and will enjoy the free printables.

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Thank you for reading this far – see you again soon with more ideas and free designs!