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Gelli Printing – What is it?

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gelli printing

Gelli printing is a fantstic way to paint!

Gelli printing is a fantastic method of painting for anyone who feels intimidated by the blank page.

Some art journal pages created with a gelli plate and ready to bind.

What is gelli printing? – good question!

Gelli printing is where you roll paint onto a gel surface with a brayer and then make a print.

gelli printing

You do this by smoothing paper over the painted gel plate and peeling it off again.

The paper picks up the paint and creates a print of whatever was on the gel plate.

Gelli printing is one of the most fabulous ways to create art.

It is for experienced artists and people who long to create but are afraid to put paint to paper.

A blank sheet of paper or card may seem intimidating, but the experience is worth overcoming.

Gelli Printing is a way of developing creative confidence very quickly.

Watch my YouTube video on how to make a gelli printed art journal from start to finish.

In that video, I also show how to bind the journal.

gelli printing
One of my art journals ready to doodle, paint, write or draw in.

Once you have created your art journal, you will have a beautiful unique book to journal in.

So what is gelli printing?

Gelli printing is where you use a plate, made of what looks and feels like a large thin, flat transparent Jelly (Jello).

One of my gelli plates in it’s protective case.

You roll a very thin layer of paint or ink onto the Gel plate.

Then you press paper or card smoothly across it.

The next step is to pull the print up and the paint or ink has transferred to the paper.

You can build pictures in layers in this way.

You can use stencils or masks or just blocks of paint rolled across the pad.

Watch my video to see this in action.

Layers of paint and patterns on an art journal page.

You can create vibrant and economical artworks through Gelli printing.

It is a relaxed and frugal painting method that uses modest amounts of paint.

Where can you get the gel plates?

Another page created on the gelli press.

You may be able to find the gelli printing plates in your local craft store.

If you can’t get them locally, try Amazon or online art stores.

You can visit my Amazon shops to find the products you need to get started.

North American readers can find gelli printing plates and other products by clicking here.

UK readers will find gelli plates and other products by clicking here.

You can read my Amazon Affiliate Statement here.

All items were available at the time of writing but that may change over time.

And if you want to find out how to create binding holes in journal pages, read my previous post where you will find a link to my video showing you how to use a bookbinding cradle.

Have fun with your gelli printing and if you have any questions, leave me a comment under my YouTube video or below this post.