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Free Paper Bead Printables

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Free Paper Bead Template Printables

Free paper bead printables especially for you.

My latest free paper bead printables may interest you if you love making paper beads.

There are pdf and jpg versions, both in A4 size so you can print whichever is easier for you.

There is a very short tutorial over on my YouTube channel showing how to make earrings with these beads.

Free Paper Bead Printables

The link to the free paper bead printables is at the end of this post in the title of the last paragraph.

Free Paper Bead Printables

On the left is how the design looks when it is printed, along with how your beads will look.

This design is so easy to cut out.

All you need is a metal ruler and craft knife to cut out the 16 strips.

You will notice the beads are flat rather than round – this is because of the simple tool I used.

These free paper bead printables look best when rolled flat – but how did I do it?

There are two ways you can get flat paper beads.

You can use a regular paper bead rolling tool such as the one on the right and then just flatten the bead.

This paper bead tool is one I have been manufacturing for many years.

If you want to find out more about this tool, contact me on Instagram.

I sometimes have some available for sale, along with the 5mm version too.

They do make paper bead making much easier than using a toothpick.

Free Paper Bead Printables

The other way to make flat paper beads is to use my popsicle stick method.

This picture shows the very simple tool I made using a pencil grip.

Pencil grips fit round a standard popsicle stick and make the stick easier to hold when rolling the beads.

It’s such a simple idea but I use this ‘tool’ all the time when I want flat beads.

If you want to know more, watch my video tutorial over on my YouTube channel.

There are many other craft tutorials on my channel and there are also many more free printables on here.

If you want to see all my past free printables, click here to go to the page where they are displayed.

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I hope you enjoy using the design and make lots of earrings for yourself, family and friends.

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