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Faux China Paper Beads

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Faux china paper beads look so pretty and delicate you’d think you could smash them like china.

But you can’t because they’re paper!

And they were made with my latest free printable so you can easily make them too.

How to get your free paper beads printables

Faux China Paper Beads

They are on my Google Drive and the link is at the end of this blog post.

I have many more free printables you can access here.

There are a few Terms & Conditions to read before you use my free printables.

There aren’t many Ts & Cs but please respect the ones I do have and we’ll always be friends 😍.

My latest YouTube video shows how to make faux china paper beads

In my YouTube video you can learn how to make perfect paper beads with the look of delicate china.

Learn what I did with my ‘china’ paper beads and how I gave my necklace/bracelet the weighty feel of china too.

When I set out to design my next free printable for paper beads, I wanted to achieve a light, summery look.

I wanted a design that was clean, simple and delicate looking whilst being durable.

And this look was what I came up with.

These beads go well with light, floaty summer dresses. If you string lots together, you can make a double strand necklace or a wrapped bracelet.

paper beads with a faux china effect

To make these pretty faux china paper paper beads you will need minimal equipment.

You will need something to roll the paper beads with.

You can of course use a knitting needle or toothpick but I find a proper slotted tool easier.

Many years ago, I designed my own slotted paper beads tool because it made rolling much quicker.

I still sell those tools in my online shops – see links below.



My newest paper bead tool with a slimmer handle than my original Easy Beady tool. I do still sell tools with the original handles but they won’t be back in my shop for a couple of weeks.

You will also need a cutting mat and craft knife and a glue stick. And of course you will need access to a printer to print my designs off.

If you want a paper beads faux china effect exactly like mine, you will need metal spacer beads.

To get the exact look that I have, you will need silver coloured metal beads in 4mm and 5mm.

If you are having trouble finding them, take a look in my Amazon shops (links below). You will also need cocktail sticks and some glaze; I used Dimensional Magic to get a good shine on mine.

The cocktail sticks are for holding the glazed beads while they dry. I use a block of florist’s oasis to push my sticks into.

You will find most things you need for my YouTube tutorials in my Amazon shops.

However, If you do have a local craft shop, why not try there first?

I try to get what I can locally and only turn to Amazon for supplies I cannot find in my local stores

My Amazon shop links are below.

faux china paper beads
All readers please note, I have not tried the metal beads I have in my shops so do your research before you order the ones that I think will be the same as mine.
faux china paper beads
USA readers please note – I could not find any Dimensional Magic for my .com store and have substituted Glossy Accents brand instead.

Anything you cannot source locally may be in my Amazon stores.

Amazon affiliate statement

And of course, to make faux china paper beads – you need…

…the free printable!

This is one of the two free faux china paper beads printables
And here are both the free printables cut into the strips ready to roll the beads.

To get your free printables, just click this link and it will take you to my Google Drive where they are stored. But don’t forget to read the Ts&Cs first.

Print them out onto 180gsm photo paper (also in my Amazon shops) – I used glossy but you can use matte if you prefer. You will be glazing the beads anyway to get a gloss finish.

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So that’s it for this project – hope you enjoyed it.

Give the faux china paper beads a go and come back soon for more free printables.