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Fancy Paper Beads In the Diablo Shape

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Fancy paper beads with an unusual shape for a change from ordinary paper beads.

Fancy paper beads are a step ahead of beads made with the usual triangular shaped bead strip.

These paper beads are more adventurous with an unusual shape.

They make a lovely change from the standard paper bead shape once you learn how to roll them properly.

fancy paper beads
fancy paper beads
Standard paper beads made from triangular strips.
fancy paper beads
Diablo shaped beads

Making these fancy paper beads in the diablo shape is easy.

All you need is a paper bead strip cut in the right shape.

Paper bead strips cut to create the diablo shape

I no longer sell pre-cut diablo paper bead strips but they are easy to cut yourself.

You simply cut a rectangular strip from and A4 sheet of paper in whatever width you want your beads.

Then, you cut a long V out of the strips to the depth you see in the picture.

fancy paper beads
Two bracelets I made with my diablo srips.

In the picture above, you can see the diablo beads I made with my strips.

They are painted with metallic pink and green paint with a sealer/glaze on top and finished off with metal eyelets.

I have added some tiny gold and silver spacer beads to set off the colours.

If you want to see how to make these fancy paper beads, watch the video over on my YouTube channel.

I have made a short film showing the technique for rolling the strips. When you first see the strips, especially if you are a beginner to paper bead making, they can look a little intimidating and complicated.

But they really are not difficult to roll and the fancy paper beads they make are a lovely change from standard paper beads.

I show you very clearly in the tutorial over on YouTube how to roll the diablo strips with ease to make perfect diablo shaped paper beads.

But please note – in the video I say you can buy pre-cut strips in my etsy shop, however, this is no longer the case.

If you want to get hold of these pre-cut paper bead strips, I am selling kits with enough strips to make three bracelets – Currently out of stock

The kit – a 3mm paper bead rolling tool, 36 diablo strips and 100 3mm metal bead cores.

And I am no longer selling my bead tools on etsy – please contact me on Instagram about my tools.

Hope you enjoy the video.

And if you have any questions, please drop me a comment in the comments section on YouTube.

Have fun making your fancy paper beads!

If you are an avid paper bead maker, you may enjoy this post and video.