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Paper Bead Tool – European Style Beads

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A paper bead tool for making european style paper beads the easy way.

Do you love making your own jewelry from paper?

It is possible to make some absolutely beautiful beads just from paper.

Paper bead making is a very absorbing craft with endless possibilities.

As someone who has been paper beading since the 1970s, I have designed tools to make the process easier.

My European Style tool is especially designed for creating large hole beads.

Beads made with the 5mm European style paper bead making tool can be easily fitted with silver cores that will give your beads a beautiful finish.

European style paper beads made with this tool will fit Pandora style bracelets and other larger stringing materials such as leather cord.

You can see a video about making European style beads here.

paper bead tool
Want to make these?
paper bead tool
Then you need one of these!

European style paper beads need a larger hole to thread on the bracelets.

Larger holes are needed for fitting paper beads with cores and stringing onto thicker bracelets, such as those that fit European style beads.

The 5mm European tool can be bought on its own or in a pack with the 3mm Easy Beady tool.

The 3mm tool is used for making paper beads that will be strung on finer threading materials such as 1mm beading elastic.

May 2024 update – the plastic tempate is still available on etsy.
But the tools are currently not available in my shop.
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