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European Style Beads From Paper.

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European style beads in the Pandora style with paper!

European Style paper bead templates are so easy to use.

I have taken all the headache out of figuring out how to get that perfect European style paper beads shape!

My easy to use paper bead templates are available for download in my Etsy shop.

You can watch me making European style beads with my templates over on YouTube on the Rainbow Lane channel.

european style beads

Want to make fabulous bracelets like these?

We all love exquisite Pandora jewellery and you cannot beat the real thing!

But it’s fun to try and recreate similar shaped beads from pieces from paper.

I have been making paper bead jewelry for decades now and I also teach other people how to do it.

To make life easier, I started designing paper bead templates to use over and over again.

No more hard work measuring and drawing lines every time I was making a new piece of paper bead jewlery.

My workshop students were always asking if they could buy paper bead templates from me.

And so I put them in my Etsy shop, Images For Crafts.

The paper bead templates in my shop are my own designs.

I spent a long time trying to perfect my European Style bead shape and I had many failures along the way!

Although, they weren’t really failures because each one taught me that my measurements needed to be tweaked.

Eventually, I decided on the two part paper bead templates.

Because not many people have printers that can print paper big enough to do them in one part.

If you aren’t sure what these paper bead templates are all about, check out my video on the Rainbow Lane.

european style beads

Paper Bead Templates for European style beads – download here for only £4.80 (plus VAT if you are a UK customer).

Once downloaded, you can print the templates over and over again.

They come in A4 and US Letter size.

You can make as many beads as you want but please read about the copyright restrictions on the templates when visiting my shop.

Have fun with my paper bead templates and let me know how you get on with you bead making.

And for finishing off your european style beads with metal cores, check out this post next.