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Embossed DIY Pendants.

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Embossed DIY pendants without an embossing machine – easy!

DIY Pendants, as seen in my last post, are easy to make if you have an embossing machine.

But what if you don’t have one? Can you still make embossed DIY pendants? 

embossed diy pendants

YES! You can still make pendants without an embossing machine.

The hardest part is finding the right materials – but once you have them – it’s really very easy.

For a short tutorial on my pendants with no embossing machine, go to my YouTube channel.

If you want to see the previous video on making embossed DIY pendants with an embossing machine, click here.

embossed diy pendants
DIY Embossed Pendants Made Using A Sizzix Bigshot Embossing Machine
embossed diy pendants
embossed diy pendants
DIY Embossed Pendants Using My Very Simple No Bigshot Method
embossed diy pendants

Your design choices will be limited but the pendants you can make are very pretty and effective.

So you don’t have to have an embossing machine.

Where to buy craft supplies like the ones used in my videos.

You can get them in my amazon shops but try to buy local if possible to save independent stores.

Items were available at the time of writing this post but that may have changed over time.

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For my store click here.

My Amazon Affliate Statement.

You may find all three of these gorgeous glossy dimensional glazes in my UK and USA Amazon stores

Hopefully my video will help you get ideas about making your own pendants.

If you have any questions, go over to my YouTube channel and ask in a comment underneath the video.

There’s loads more creative stuff for you in the pipeline, so subscribe today.

All these pendants were made without an embossing machine – REALLY easily – it’s simple when you know how!

Thank you for watching and reading.

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