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Glass Pendants – No Bezel or Tray Needed!

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Glass pendants are really easy to make!

And the good news is, you don’t need a bezel or tray.

If you are new to jewellery making and don’t know what bezels and trays are, take a look at my previous post here.

Typical one inch round pendant trays ready for decoration to be added.

The glass pendants I have designed don’t need these bezels or trays.

So are cheaper to make if you are on a budget or can’t get hold of trays or bezels easily.

You will only need the glass domes like the ones below.

I will be putting links below showing where you can get the materials I use in my video tutorial.

You can find my video on YouTube – How To Make Pretty Glass Pendants.

The glass domes you will need to complete this project.

To make these glass pendants, you will also need some eye-catching images.

I design my own images and get them print them on my Epson Eco Tank printer which is the most economical printer I have ever had. You can either create your own one inch images, cut images from magazine etc or buy designs ready to punch out.

My images are available to buy on Etsy as electronic downloads which you can either print at home onto 6×4 inch paper or have printed at a print shop.

The designs I used to make these pendants are available in my Etsy shop Images For Crafts.

A sheet of my designs printed on 6×4 photo paper ready to cut with a 1 inch circle punch

The images you choose for your glass pendants are everything because without them – no pendant!

If you see an image in a magazine and you want to use it in a pendant, my understanding is that it would be ok as long as you cut it out as is. If you photographed or photocopied it to make more copies or to blow it up or reduce it, then you would be breaching copyright.

I’m not sure where the law stands on selling pendants you have made with straight cut outs from magazines but if they are just for your own use and no profit is involved, I think you should be fine.

The images I sell on Etsy can be printed as many times as you want and used in non-commercial craft projects. If you wanted to use them commercially, you would have to get in touch with me to discuss.

More of my own images

Where to get the resources to make these glass pendants.

If you are stuck on where to get the things you need to make these glass pendants yourself, you can find links to buying 1 inch glass domes, beading wire, split rings and Diamond Glaze on my Amazon Craft Supplies page. Just scroll through to find the items needed to make these pendants.

Make sure you order the 1 inch glass domes as I also have 2 inch listed and they will be too big.

Woah! Why is Anita’s Clear Gloss so expensive in the states (or on anyway)?

You will notice that I have added Diamond Glaze as an alternative to Anita’s Clear Gloss because it was so expensive on Amazon ($45!!!!).

Diamond Glaze is actually the one I prefer but I can’t get that as easily as I can get Anita’s – Diamond Glaze is perfect.

If you want to buy electronic copies of the images I used for my pendants, visit my Etsy shop.

Hope you have fun making these glass pendants – let me know if you have any questions.