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Make A Cardstock Bracelet – very easy.

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Cardstock bracelets are fun and easy to make and I show you how.

You can make a very robust leather-look bracelet from a sheet of A4 card.

Cardstock bracelet? Really? Yes!

A cardstock bracelet isn’t so much of a crazy idea once you’ve watched my video on how to do it.

A4 card is not the first material you would think of if you wanted to make a durable bracelet.

However, that is exactly what I set out to do when I made my most recent YouTube tutorial.

While confined in their homes in 2020, many people are turned to craft to pass the time away.

For some, it was probably for the first time.

My goal in making a cardstock bracelet was to use material that lots of people may have at home already.

In the UK, almost all of our craft outlets were closed because they were considered non-essential stores.

Strange since Off Licences (liquor stores) were open!

The only place where we could get craft supplies, that I knew of, was The Range.

That was because some Range stores had Iceland food store inside and were allowed to be open.

Not sure what the situation was across the rest of the world with craft store closures.

I’m guessing it was pretty much the same as it was in the UK.

cardstock braceelets

Gone were the days when we could wander around craft stores at our leisure, buying up half the store 😍

It was a very difficult time for all hobbies and leisure pursuits.

So I tried to dream up easy projects.

My cardstock bracelet was one such project.

A cardstock bracelet is a great place for a beginner to start.

I decorated the cardstock beads with stickers that may have been hard to get back when I first posted this.

But my thinking was that at least people could make the basic beads to decorate later.

It is now 2024 at the time I updated this post and all those difficulties are behind us.

Back in 2020, I updated my Amazon stores to include the things you need to make this cardstock bracelet.

That was for those who really couldn’t adapt this method to what they had to hand.

Here are the links:

Amazon Affiliate Statement

If you browse through all the craft items in my stores, you will find mostly everything I use in my videos.

All the items were available at the time I wrote this post but that may have changed now.

In my YouTube tutorial, I used items such as a metal ruler and a bead rolling tool.

But you could easily adapt this method and still make the cardstock bracelet without those things.

When it comes to varnish, I suggested using clear nail polish if you don’t have something like Anita’s Clear Gloss or Triple Thick.

In the video, I also use the paper bead rolling tool that I designed and used to sell on etsy.

I no longer sell my paper bead tools on there but you can contact me through Instagram to get them.

cardstock bracelet

Check out the YT link in this post and you will see my idea for making paper beads without a tool.

Check out my previous post for details of the top bracelet.

Thank you for reading this post and watching the video.

Hope you enjoy the cardstock bracelet tutorial – let me know in the comments under the video on Youtube.