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Canada Day Crafts – Free Printable

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Canada Day crafts – are you looking for a last minute project to help celebrate in style?

Well thanks to Shannon, one of my YouTube viewers, I have created a very last minute Canada Day crafts project.

And there is a free printable for Canadians and anyone else who wants to make these paper beads.

Shannon said she would love a paper bead design for Canada Day, like I did for Coronation Day in the UK in May.

Could I pull it off in time? That was the big question! Well I did and the result is a free printable paper bead strip design with the Canadian flag on.

The link is at the end of this post.

Hopefully enough people will see this in time to make lots of Canadian paper beads to string into bracelets and necklaces.

If not, download it and keep for any Canadian themed crafts or next year’s Canada Day.

There is a short video for my Canada Day crafts project.

You can find a very quick video here showing the Canadian flag beads.

If you want a longer video showing all the steps, click here.

That’s the video showing me making the Union Jack beads I designed for the Coronoation but it’s the same process.

Canada Day crafts
The paper bead design I made for Coronation day, still available over on my free printables page.

Pop over and see – there are lots more free printables listed over there that you may want to use.

And don’t forget, this new one isn’t just for Canada Day crafts!

You can make paper beads with the Canadian flag on any time if you are proud to be Canadian!

You can get your free Canadian flag paper bead design by clicking here.

There are two JPEG files in the folder – A4 and US Letter sizes.

Don’t forget to read the Terms & Conditions of downloading my free printables – there aren’t many but please respect them. Thank you.

Canada Day crafts
The printable printed onto A4 Glossy 180gsm/49lb photo paper
Canada Day Crafts
The strips cut carefully from the free printable and edged with red permanent marker.

To get the exact same look as my beads, you will need to print onto 180gsm glossy photo paper. I think that is 49lbs in the USA – not sure if Canada uses gsm or lbs.

The two flags won’t be postitioned in the same place if you use thinner or thicker paper.

They will overlap each other with thinner paper.

So bear in mind, I have designed these bead strips to be used only with 180gsm/49lb paper thickness.

If you want a red line spiralling around the bead like mine, run a red permanent marker around the edge.

Well I think that about wraps it up for this very last minute project!

Canada day crafts

Thank you Shannon for suggesting it – I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of getting this all done within two days.

Canada was my home for many years so it will always have a special place in my heart. Particularly as my two sons are Canadian.

I’ve lived back in the UK for a long time now however, I still vividly remember celebrating Canada Day.

But it was called Dominion Day for most of the time I lived there).

It did change to Canada Day before I left but whatever you call it, have a very Happy Canada Day!

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Canada Day Crafts