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Art Cards For Earring Display – Easy!

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Art cards – hand painted artist cards – art trading card ideas – it all sounds like fun, right?

But what can you use them for?

Please note – there are free printables with this post – but please read to the end – thank you.

Well believe it or not, these hand painted artist cards make great alternatives for displaying jewelry.

Alternative to what though? Well take a look at the plainer display cards below and compare them to handpainted cards.

Typical plain jewelry display cards.

The jewelry display cards you see on the left are typical plain cards that you can buy on Amazon.

There is nothing wrong with those. They do the job – they show off the earrings or pendants very well.

But what if you want to sell at crafty, boho, hippy fairs and markets?

What if you want something a bit different?

That is where my handpainted cards come in.

Hand painted artist cards are so satisfying to create because they are small and quick to paint.

They are especially quick to paint using the method I show in the video.

However, it’s easy to end up with a stack of art cards that don’t have any real use.

Except they do! If you are looking for art trading card ideas, you might like this post and associated YouTube video.

It gives non-artists ideas about how to easily paint art cards – no art skills needed. Honestly!

It also gives you ideas about what you can do with any hand painted artist cards you already have laying around.

It also gives you a reason to create more or, to start making your very first, hand painted artist cards.

I cannot stress enough that the techniques I show in the video truly are for non-painters.

So please have a go if you long to be ‘arty’ but think you aren’t!

art cards

Maybe you already make earrings or other jewlery.

If so, maybe this post will make you want to know more about hand painted artist cards.

Hopefully it will give you a couple of art trading card ideas regarding what else you can do besides look at them.

(Or trade them, but that’s another story!)

And if you don’t already make jewelry but are inspired by the pictures here…

Maybe it’s time you had a go at making some very, very easy earrings to get started.

You can find the paper bead earring post here.

art cards
Art cards
art cards
Left: the paper earrings I made in a previous post. Above: The free printables I created to make these earrings. You can get them by clicking the link above.

In the video about paper earrings, I said I might do another tutorial showing how I created the art cards.

So this is it, a YouTube tutorial and blog post about how to create those handpainted art cards.

It is geared towards complete beginners, or, people who might be thinking about selling their handmade items at the more boho, hippy type craft fairs and other outlets.

What about supplies used in the video?

I always recommend that you get as many tools and supplies as you can from your local craft stores so we don’t lose them.

Amazon is my second choice if I can’t get what I need at Hobbycraft in the uk or, from the dwindling independent craft shops.

If you can’t get what you need locally, I do have most of what you will need in my Amazon stores, the links are below.

Amazon Affliate statement.

So – what free printables do I have for you this time?

art cards

The files are both pdf and jpg formats and are very easy to download. The download link will be in the title of the last paragraph of this post, in capital letters.

But there is more!

You also get these art card images made a bit bigger on three more printable A4 sheets.

These also come in pdf and jpg formats.

And finally, there are also the 12 images as individual pdf and jpg files.

This link will take you to my googledrive where you can download the folders with all the free files in them. You do not have to pay for these files – free is FREE.

What can you do with the printables? You can print them, tear them up to use in collages, art-journals or scrapbooking.

If you don’t feel like painting your own designs, you can use these to make paper earrings the way I show you in the new video.

Or you can make them exactly the same way I show you in my other paper earring tutorial where I use different printables.

There are a few basic terms and conditions to downloading and using my free printables – please read them here.

Thank you for your visit here.

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Bye for now, see you again soon with another video and more free printables.