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An Alcohol Ink Technique You’ll Love!

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how to make alcohol ink pendants

This is a quick alcohol ink technique that will add to the list of surfaces that you can drip alcohol inks on to get wonderful abstract designs.

Earrings made from chipboard – very strong. But how did I overcome the fact that chipboard is absorbent andnot alchohol ink friendly?

We all love an alcohol ink technique that gives our inks more scope.

And this one certainly does that.

Lately I have really been getting back into using my alcohol inks. And I have published a few videos and blog posts sharing ideas I’ve had.

The idea I explore in my latest video came to me when I was looking at some chipboard I had just received. I was thinking what a shame I couldn’t drip inks directly onto it.

The chipboard I have is 1mm thick, so very robust. I was thinking what a great base for making earrings. But of course because chipboard is absorbent, I would need to create the front and back of each earring using alcohol ink on Yupo paper first.

Front of earrings
Reverse side of earrings

Then I would need to cut out the parts of the Yupo design I wanted to use and stick them onto the chipboard earring shapes I’d cut out.

It was really bugging me that I couldn’t just drip ink directly onto the chipboard and have it behave like the smooth plastic Yupo paper instead of simply soaking all the alcohol ink up.

And then I had this idea for an alcohol ink technique that would make it possible!

And so I used that technique to create these earrings. I actually dripped alcohol ink directly onto chipboard without using any Yupo paper at all.

You can see the full tutorial by clicking here.

In the video you will see me creating the design shown below.

And if you want to have this design to print off and use to make jewelry – click here to go to Google Drive where you can download the full res image.

alcohol ink technique
This is the alcohol ink design I used in my YouTube video – now available to you as a free printable by clicking the link above.

If you tried to drip alcohol ink onto chipboard without using my technique, it would soak straight into the board. It would not be very blendable or easy to manipulate the way it is on Yupo.

But if you follow the steps I take in my video, you will see just how you can use chipboard. Then how you can use your beautiful robust chipboard creations to make lovely durable earrings.

This is just a very quick mid-week post because I couldn’t wait to share this alcohol ink technique with you.

So that’s all for now except to say, are you are stuck for any of the supplies I use in my videos?

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This is the Crop-O-Dile tool that I use in my videos.

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Have fun with your alcohol inks but remember to use them safely – protect your skin and lungs.

Always wear rubber gloves, have plenty of ventilation and wear a vapour mask if you can.

Thanks for watching and/or reading. Subscribe to this blog and my YT channel and then you will know when my posts come out. There is always a free printable – so don’t miss it.

Here is the link to look through my previous free printables.

See you soon with more alcohol ink fun – bye for now.