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Alcohol Ink Pendants – All New 2021

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alcohol ink hack

Alcohol ink pendants can be really stunning and the possibilities are endless.

My most recent alcohol ink pendants

This project is to show you how you can use premium copier paper with your inks.

Yes – I know copier paper is absorbent and technically, not useable with alcohol inks but…

…if you saw my last project, you’ll know how I used absorbent chipboard to make alcohol ink earrings.

In this project, I have taken the idea one step further and applied it to copier paper.

The results are stunning and so I have made this video to show you how I did it.

It’s a really simple idea and can make practically any ordinary paper alcohol ink friendly.

This is not the first time I have made alcohol ink pendants.

In 2016, I posted my first video showing how I made alcohol ink pendants.

I used aluminum foil and alcohol inks to create a faux dichroic glass effect and the video has been very popular.

In 2017 I made more pendants using alcohol inks in some different colors and that video has also been very popular.

In this new video, I am using an alcohol ink technique very similar to the one I developed in 2016.

But using copier paper in the way I show in the video makes the paintings more robust an easier to work with.

alcohol ink pendants
My original alcohol ink pendants from 2016
alcohol ink pendants
My second lot of alcohol ink pendants from 2017

This project was not supposed to be about alchol ink pendants.

When I was creating my new alcohol ink paintings for this project, I was going to use them to make paper beads.

But when I had finished the three alcohol ink paintings, I decided they were too nice to roll up into paper beads.

The thing with paper beads is, when you roll the basic paper bead strip triangles, you lose much of the color.

You really only have the edges showing because as you roll, the strip covers everything in the centre.

Alcohol ink is very expensive and it seemed crazy to me to hide most of it away inside a paper bead.

Alcohol ink pendants or…
…paper beads? The beads are pretty but I don’t think they do the paintings as much justice as the pendants

So I changed the focus of the project to alcohol ink pendants.

And instead of the round bottle cap look of my original designs back in 2016/2017, I used a square format.

The silver and bronze coloured metalpendant bezels I used act like picture frames.

Each alcohol ink painting we do is unique and there are always tiny areas within them that are like paintings within paintings.

I feel that they deserve to be framed in these bezels so we can wear the alcohol ink art we produce.

Alcohol ink pendants – artwork good enough to wear!

And as promised in my YouTube tutorial – I have free printables for you…

Of course, the whole reason for my video tutorials is to encourage newbies to have a go themselves.

But if you aren’t in a position to play with alcohol inks or just don’t want to buy any, then feel free to print my designs.

Below are the three designs/paintings I did in the video and you can download them to print off and use by clicking here. The full res images are waiting for you on Google Drive.

alcohol ink pendants
alcohol ink pendants
alcohol ink pendants

There are a few terms and conditions to you using them – you can read them here.

If you aren’t sure where to source the tools and craft supplies I use in my videos, have a look at my Amazon shops.

Most of the things I use in my tutorials are available there. The links to my shops are below.

Amazon Affiliate Statement.

Thank you for watching my channel and supporting my blog.

I hope you enjoyed this alcohol ink pendants project – if you did, please subscribe here and on YouTube because I’ll be back soon with more for you.