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Alcohol Ink Jewelry – Faux Glass Earrings

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alcohol ink jewelry

Alcohol ink jewelry is such good fun to make because the inks are so versatile and can be blended to get gorgeous effects.

alcohol ink jewelry
My latest alcohol ink earring creations
alcohol ink jewelry
Free alcohol ink printable – see link further down.

My last project was also based on alcohol ink jewelry with a focus on earrings.

alcohol ink jewelry
The gorgeous alcohol ink earrings from my last project. Click here to see that post.

I have continued that theme with this project but the earrings are much quicker to make as less work is involved.

The alcohol ink earrings I have made this time are shiny and look just like glass. You can see the video by clicking here.

Making Alcohol ink jewelry can be messy – so wear rubber gloves!

I can’t stress that enough! It’s very hard to get the alcohol inks off your fingers and also off the surfaces you work on.

So keep everything covered up and wear old clothes. No matter how careful I am with the inks, I always splash some somewhere that I didn’t want it to go.

So what inks did I use in this project?

I used the expensive Ranger Inks by Tim Holtz but I also used some much cheaper ones and they were fine.

If I was fabulously rich, I would use the Tim Holtz inks all the time but I’m not so of course I like to try cheaper inks as well.

Tim Holtz Alcohol inks by Ranger
Limino Inks

I used both brands of inks in this project and they seemed fine together.

The Limino inks have a different smell to other alcohol inks, it’s actually more pleasant than the strong smell of other branded inks but I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

It could lull you into thinking it’s ok to breathe the fumes when of course it isn’t – you need lots of ventilation when using any alcohol ink.

The Limino inks on the right came from Amazon and cost just under £20 – I have them in my UK Amazon shop under the craft supplies section but they don’t seem to be available on

Although I ordered from Amazon, when the inks came, they were in Chinese packaging which is something some people might want to be aware of

I do have Tim Holtz inks in both stores, along with some of the other supplies and tools I use in my videos.

Amazon Affiliate statement.

Although this project is about making alcohol ink earrings, there is another aspect to it as well.

When you drip the inks to create the swirls and blends on the earrings, there can be a lot of ink waste. To avoid this, I place my earrings on a piece of Yupo paper. So when I drip the inks, the excess runs onto the smooth surface of the Yupo and blends into the lovely abstract designs typical of alcohol inks.

Created with ink run-off from making the earings plus alcohol blending solution dripped on.

You can then use the ‘messy’ design created on the Yupo paper by the run-off ink to make earrings like the ones in my last project.

You can download and print this design off for free by clicking here.

To get the full effect of the colors you will need to print the design onto high quality glossy photo paper.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of using my free printables by clicking here.

Using my earring templates to frame areas of the Yupo design.
When you look at the patterns through the earring templates you see the possibilities.
Alcohol inks on Yupo can create some fabulous patterns that you can cut out and use to make alcohol ink jewelry.

Well that’s about it for this post – hope you feel inspired to have a go at making some earrings.

I know the alcohol inks come in tiny bottles that cost over £4 to £5 each but they do go a very long way.

Have a go at making some alcohol ink jewelry and I’ll see you back here very soon with more ideas for you to try.