News flash – I have now created a special page where will find all my free printables in one place. You no longer need passwords to access them and I have also put in the YouTube tutorial links showing you how to use most of the free printables. Click here to go to the page.

Free printables are now a regular feature of this craft blog and this week…

…I am pleased to bring you a colorful design depicting the sun, moon and stars.

Made with the two largest sizes off this week’s free sun moon and stars free printable.

Free printables are very easy to use (as long as you have access to a printer of course!)

Each week, I create a new page on here with a new free printable for you.

The page is always password protected, so you will need the password to get in.

This week’s free printable – Sun, Moon & Stars

To get that free printable password, you need to watch the YouTube tutorial that shows how I used the images.

In that video I will give out the password and all you need to do is write it down, come back here, follow this link and put in the password.

Simple! There is no catch to getting the free printable, the only thing I ask in return is that you watch the video and if you like what I do, perhaps subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel – that’s it! Not a bad deal really😍

Once you have your free printable, you need to print it off on good paper.

But should it be on glossy or matte paper?

Well that depends on how you are going to use your design.

If you intend putting a glass dome over the top using a medium such as Diamond Glaze or Glossy Accents, you will need to use a matte finish photographic paper.

Glass dome/cabochon
A glass dome fixed to a circular design with Glossy Accents – the design was printed onto matte paper.
Glossy Accents and Diamond Glaze are brilliant for sticking glass domes to designs printed onto matte paper.

As you can see above, using a special medium like Glossy Accents to stick the design to the glass dome is very effective when your design is printed onto matte paper.

But if you like printing onto glossy paper, as I do, what happens if you try to use a wet medium to stick the glass dome on?

The pendant design on the left was printed onto glossy photo paper and stuck to the glass dome with Diamond Glaze.

The same pendant design on the right was stuck to the glass dome with a special, crystal clear double sided tape designed to be invisible.

In all the years I have been making glass pendants, this is the fastest, easiest, least messy way I have found to fix glass domes in place on my designs for pendants.

When I first decided to experiment with using double sided tape to do this, I had all sorts of disasters. Most double sided tapes have lines in them that you don’t realise are there until you use the tape on something transparent, such as between a glass dome and a design.

Every single ordinary double sided tape I used from the craft store had marks in it.

And then I discovered a company online called SK Tapes and I found the perfect tape to stick the glass domes to my designs.

Design was fixed to glass dome with crytal clear SK Tapes double-sided tape.

This tape is made for commercial use for companies making signs and nameplates etc, however, listed in the description on their website, it does also say for use in arts and crafts.

It’s not as straightforward ordering this as it would be if you were ordering, say, on Amazon for example. You can’t just go and make a few clicks to order.

Don’t be fooled by the red appearance – that’s just the transluscent liner – the tape is crystal clear.

You have to go to their website and go to the products drop-down menu and click through to double-sided tapes (it’s at the top of the menu). Once you are on the double-sided tapes page, click on the one that says, Butt Cut Double-Sided.

On that page is an enquiry button and I sent them a message from there.

When they came back to me, I told them what I wanted, the 25mm one, paid over the phone and they sent it straight out.

It is expensive, but, this is a quality commercial product. Last year, I paid £12.96 for my roll but that included postage and Sales Tax. And it will last me absolutely ages.

USA readers may know of similar products stateside that we don’t have here.

And if you do, please scroll down and leave a comment to let people know what it is called. Or you can leave a comment under the video over on YouTube.

If you want any of the other items I used in my tutorial, such as pendant trays, glass domes, paper punches or ball chains, you can visit my Amazon shops and have a look through the items I have listed on there.

Paper punches do make life easier when cutting any shape accurately. And pendant trays (right) are ideal for making unique gifts for friends and family.

Here are the links to my Amazon shops:

Amazon Affiliate statement

Next week my YouTube tutorial will be showing you how to use the smallest design on the sun, moon and stars free printable to make a dainty little pendant that will appeal to those who prefer smaller, more delicate necklaces.

Come back next week and join me for that. And if you like my free printables, please consider subscribing to this blog and also my YouTube channel. In the future I will be giving free printable designs to my blog subscribers only, so make sure you sign up now so I know who you are.

It’s really easy to subscribe and I do not share your email address with anyone.

Enjoy your sun, moon and stars free printable – and see you next week.

Free Printables

News flash – I have now created a special page where will find all my free printables in one place. You no longer need passwords to access them and I have also put in the YouTube tutorial links showing you how to use most of the free printables. Click here to go to the page.

This is what you can make using my latest designer template for paper beads.
For a short while, you will find the template on my free printables page but grab it quickly as it will soon be in my Etsy shop where you will have to pay for it.

Just a very quick post to go with my latest YouTube video which is about how to make this pretty, colorful bracelet from paper beads.

Paper Beads are ‘my thing’ and for many years I have been manufacturing and selling tools and templates to make it easier to make lots of paper beads.

But while this current crisis is still keeping us in our homes, I am devising ways for people to make paper beads without a bead rolling tool.

That’s in case you can’t get hold of one right now.

My latest video shows the second way I have found to do this, the first way can be seen here.

And to help out those who are new to paper beads, I have made a new designer template for you.

All you need to do is download it and print it out on thin glossy paper.

You don’t need to varnish the paper beads if you print onto glossy paper.

For a limited time, I am offering the template free on this website on my free downloads page. (Password needed, see below)

However, there is a catch!

You will have to go over to my YouTube channel and watch my tutorial on how to use it, to get the password for that page. You will see the password somewhere in the tutorial.

Sorry this is a very brief post – I am late publishing tonight!

Thanks for stopping by and please leave me a comment on over on my channel.

Have fun with your paper beads and see you next week!

Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love? 😍

Free Halloween printables as png files may be just what you need to add the finishing touches to a Halloween project.

Whether you are a teacher needing free Halloween printables for your class to use or a crafter wanting very simple designs depicting Halloween, these designs may be what you need.

There are 12 very simple, basic designs in this Halloween printables set.

You can either print them out or drag them onto another image in Photoshop. The backgrounds are transparent, although they show as white on here.

They will print out as white but if you drag the design onto another image in Photoshop, you will only get the black part.

You will find your free, full size free Halloween images by clicking the links under the pictures.

We hope you enjoy using your free Halloween printables.

We will be adding more free printables soon so if you want to make sure you get access to them all, please subscribe to this blog and you will find out as soon as new designs are available to download.

Coming up next is a sheet of beautiful 1 inch circular designs in rich autumn colors.

I have designed these to be in intense, warm colors to match the season that September brings to the northern hemisphere.

You will be able to print the 6×4 inch sheet of designs off and cut them out with a 1 inch circular punch to make handbag dangles, bottle cap pendants, key chains or to use in scrap booking.

You can see in the pic below right what I have done with some of the designs.

I will also be giving you step by step instructions on how to use these free printable designs next time so you can make these charms too.

My newest free designs coming up in my next post.
Examples of what you can make with my free designs.

Meanwhile sign up to my blog so you don’t miss any freebies…

…And have fun with your free Halloween printables!

Craft printables are a brilliant way to make beautiful, colourful, handmade boho style jewelry.

Those of you that have seen my latest craft ideas on Youtube may be here because you would like to make the exact same necklace using my craft printables.

So to get the craft printables you need to make the boho necklace I designed for the video, click here to go straight to my Etsy shop.

My latest ideas using craft printables – Boho style necklaces made from cereal box cardboard using my craft printables set on Etsy – you can watch the whole tutorial on my YouTube channel.

Below you can see exactly what craft printables you will get in the three file bundle (there are actually four files available because the spacer bead template comes in US and UK sizes).

You will get:

  • 1 6×4 file to create the black tube beads
  • 1 6×4 file to create the necklace tile fronts
  • 1 UK A4 or US Letter file to create the matching spacer beads.

The video on my YouTube channel shows exactly how to use these craft printables to create exactly the same boho style necklace in the video.

And as a bonus, I have added a second design to the 6×4 file, to make a different three tile boho style necklace, plus two single tile designs to make two single tile necklaces like the one in the picture.

Please be aware, to use these designs, you will need some kind of image editing software on your computer. Or you can put them onto a memory stick and get them printed at your local photographic print shop.

And the files must be printed to the exact size I have made them in order for the designs to be punched out by a 2 inch craft punch.

Craft punch sizes are measured diagonally so the actual size of the punched out shape from the 2 inch punch is just under 1.5 inches square.

Paper bead rolling tool alert!

You will see the craft printables set includes a sheet of paper bead strips to make the spacer beads used in this craft project.

For those people not familiar with paper bead making,  I should explain, you will need a paper bead rolling tool in order to create these beads.

Many years ago, as I couldn’t find a decent, affordable paper bead rolling tool to buy anywhere, I created my own.

As time went on, many people asked me if they could buy the paper bead tools and so I developed one that I could sell to other people.

I have now been selling these bead tools worldwide to paperbead makers for several years.

There are two sizes 3mm and 5mm and in this project, I used the 5mm.

And they are available in my Etsy shop.

free printable designs
The Easy Beady paper bead rolling tools I manufacture.
An old style beading tool in use – my new tools now have the original curved handle which is easier to hold.

Don’t forget…

To make these matching spacer beads (seen in pic on left) you will need a 5mm paper bead rolling tool.

So if you are a new crafter who enjoys following a tutorial to make beautiful handmade crafts, exactly like those you have seen in my class, the resources above are ideal for you.

But, trying out craft ideas can be so expensive, so in many of my craft tutorials, I try to make at least some of the materials cheap, or even free.

It keeps the cost of crafting down for me and you. Win, win!

Food packaging provides us with some amazing resources, (which although not technically ‘free’ because we bought the food, are as good as free if we are only going to throw them way).

And when people get to know you use cereal box cardboard in your crafts, trust me, they will be saving you their cornflakes boxes! And those ones are free.

You can check out my previous video to see a DIY necklace I made using toilet roll cardboard – I was amazed at just how much it doesn’t look like an old toilet roll tube!

Statement necklaces made from toilet roll tubes.

So my craft ideas are usually about using a mix of recycled stuff, such as cereal box cardboard and craft materials I buy in.

Since I have been teaching people crafts, both online and in my workshops, I have noticed that many people either don’t have access to good craft shops or just haven’t got a clue what to buy.

It is so easy to go out on a jaunt to Hobby Craft or Michaels and spend a ton of money on stuff you thought was a good idea at the time. I know these things – I’ve been there!

Oh my goodness – Corn Flakes packets are one of my most valuable craft resources. I love using this cardboard to make gorgeous crafty things!

And the thing about using junk cardboard for the core of your project is, you can afford buy better quality paints and other craft products. (Well that’s what I tell myself!)

The trick to being successful at making jewelry out of cereal box card is explained in my video which you can see by clicking here.

But what about other craft supplies? Besides the craft printables, people ask me, where do you get the glass domes you use in your project? Where do you get bottle caps? Where do you get circular or square punches?

So I began sourcing craft supplies on line and putting links to Amazon in my blog posts.

All that did was slow my website down!

Now, I have an Amazon page where I list many of the items you see in my YouTube videos.

And this is it

Or if you are UK based click here

Bead cores and glass domes that you can find on my Amazon page.

Are you ready to have a go at this boho style necklace?

If the answer is YES! then go ahead and get the craft printables I have designed for you and make some gorgeous handmade jewelry today – happy crafting! and if you enjoyed my video, feel free to like, subscribe and tap the bell icon on YouTube so you can be kept up to date with my latest projects.

If you love using craft printables, you will be interested in some more I have coming up very soon!