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paper bead ideas

Faux China Paper Beads

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Faux China Paper Beads

Faux china paper beads look so pretty and delicate you’d think you could smash them like china.

But you can’t because they’re paper!

And they were made with my latest free printable so you can easily make them too.

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Paper Bead Necklace

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Paper bead necklace – a project for you to make using my last free printables of 2021 and you might just love it!

The paper beads assembled – Easy and fairly quick to make.

I appreciate all my loyal YouTube viewers and blog readers, so I have one final design for you this year.

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paper bead ideas

Paper Beads From Scraps of Rubbish Off a Shop Floor

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Paper Bead Ideas – Transform Rubbish

Wherever I go, I am always thinking of new paper bead ideas.

A few weeks back, I was in The Range in a town far far away from where I live.

I was looking at all the enticing art and craft supplies as usual but not seeing quite what I wanted.

Some of my many paper bead ideas have turned me off expensive supplies.

Pretty as pre-printed paper is, I love the challenge of making paper beads from the unusual and the unwanted.

Imagine my excitement when I found this scrap in a garbage bin with a load of junk that had been swept up off the floor!

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