Digital Freebies!

Who doesn’t like freebies? Especially when they are digital freebies for your crafts.

You may have noticed in my last post, I included a link to a digital freebie of small circle designs I created to use in various crafts including scrapbooking, card making or for making pendants – basically, any creative activity where you can use small, colourful circular designs.

free printable

This time, I am starting to build on my digital freebies by adding another 6×4 inch sheet of 1 inch circular designs that could be used in any creative craft you want, including bottle cap pendants, or 1 inch bezel pendants.

digital freebies

This design can be used with a 1″ circle punch or cut put by hand.

Just print out onto 6×4 glossy photo paper and punch/cut.

digital freebies

If you want to access my digital freebies – all I ask is that you watch my latest YouTube video showing how I used these designs.

The video is less than 10 minutes long and it reveals the password you will need to get into the page where I am now posting the links to my digital freebies.

This is the page on this website where you can access the free designs once you have the password.

So all you have to do, is watch my video, get the password and come back here to unlock your free designs.

And while you are over at my YouTube channel, I would love it if you also subscribed and hit the bell icon to get regular updates which will include more free designs for your crafts.

This is what I used my designs for – what will you make with yours?

The video on YouTube shows you how to make these pretty pendants and earrings using my digital freebies.

This project is especially good to do with children who are old enough to use glue and cut out shapes. They can make some gorgeous gifts that are pretty, durable and very wearable.

They also don’t cost very much to make – just pennies per pendant or earrings.

There will be more and more of these free designs coming up in the future – do you have any requests for colours or shapes of designs you would like to have?

I can’t promise to be able to supply what you have in mind but it’s worth asking me.

You can do that by scrolling down to the comments section below and leaving your ideas there or filling in the contact form.

If you aren’t sure where to source the craft supplies I use in my videos, you can visit my Amazon stores and browse through to find what you need.

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Not sure where to buy 1 inch glass domes or clear resin stickers?

Check out my Amazon shops.

Hope you enjoy using the designs!

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You will get a confirmation email and all you have to do is click the confirm link and you’re good to go.

Enjoy the digital freebies and watch out for more free images and designs to use in your crafts.