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Photo to painting - how to make art from photos is for people who wish they could paint, draw or make beautiful art in some way but feel unable to draw or paint.

The picture you see above shows what you can do with an iPhone camera, some picture editing software on a PC or Mac and a little bit of know-how.

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Please note -  re turning photos into art - there is also a written tutorial to go with this film which you can find by clicking here.

Turning photos into art is a very popular craft now as people make use of design software to create 'paintings'.

You can then have art canvases made to put on your walls or have your creations printed onto fabric, T shirts, tote bags and even mugs.

This video shows how turning photos into art is pretty easy with Photoshop.

This video shows how turning photos into art is pretty easy with Photoshop. Click To Tweet

And no, I am not a Photoshop pro and yes, this is my own weird and wonderful way of doing things.

There are a million different ways I use Photoshop to help with turning photos into art and none of them have been 'taught' to me by 'experts'.

I also use Photoshop to create art from scratch with no photos involved.

Maybe my methods would make a Photoshop pro's hair stand on end but hey, it's a free world and we can all experiment - we don't all have to be experts.

There are lots of other apps that make turning photos into art really easy.

turning photos into art
turning photos into art

If you are keen to get into turning photos into art but do not have Photoshop, come back at the end of February when I will show you some cheaper, or free alternatives.

I will be exploring a couple  of brilliant art apps that I use on my iPad

The 'drawing' you see above on the right was created from a very mundane photo (above left) on my iPad using a simple app which I will be demonstrating in my next post.

If you have any questions or comments about turning photos into art, scroll down to 'leave a reply'.

If you have some unique methods of turning photos into art - let me know about them.

Abstract art - what does it mean to you?

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about the madness of art. At the end of the post, I showed a photograph (see below) of some art that I really liked when I saw it on the website of a fellow writer.

abstract art

Is this abstract art?

To me it is. From what little I know of its creation, it wasn\'t intended to be a piece of abstract art but in my eyes, it ended up that way.

The origin of this work was in three dimensions. It was, as I am sure some people will see, a piece of pottery. You can read about it here on the website of the creator. (Not God :-))

The creator in this case was writer, Christoper Waldrop of Free Thinkers Anonymous whose quirky work I adore.

I first read about Christopher\'s early dabblings with ceramics here in this very entertaining blog post about the eccentric sounding aunt who introduced him to clay.

When I saw his later post about the making of a ceramic bowl from small fish fashioned out of clay, I was intrigued to see the finished product and was looking forward to seeing pictures when it was done.

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European style paper beads made by students at one of my workshops recently.

European style paper beads are so much fun to make and they shock so many people when you reveal that they are made from paper.

When I wear my bracelets made from European style paper beads, I get lots of compliments.

And when I casually say they are made from paper, very often, people will look at me as if I am telling lies!

They do look very much like Pandora beads which of course are made from very expensive  materials and cost a LOT of money!

When I run my workshops teaching people how to make these beads, it is brilliant to see their faces when we reach the point at which the real magic happens.

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Yes, what is art? And is there a specific, irrefutable answer?

what is art?
This graphic was supplied at very short notice by a talented artist and designer called Jonathon Laming. If you need graphics or clip art, designed to order at very reasonable rates, to use on your website, get in touch with me through the contact form and I will give you his details. Doesn't matter where you live - he sends work out worldwide.

Anyway, the question - What is art? - is one I found even more perplexing after watching a TV programme recently called ‘Who’s Afraid of Conceptual Art?’

A more apt name for the programme, in my opinion, would have been \'WTF is Conceptual Art Anyway?’

The only way I can think of explaining that kind of art, (and I may be wrong), it is by highlighting one of artist Martin Creed’s more puzzling pieces. It was probably a very expensive piece but you can’t actually pick it up, move it or touch it.

There is no tangible object involved, so naturally, it won the Turner Prize in 2001.

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Sadly, the Keep On Crafting store in Bury St Edmunds will close on November 30th 2019 but owner Mandy Shedden will still be trading online, looking after all your craft needs. Mandy and her team will still be running workshops too so make sure you visit her website for all the news of new products and workshops.

international craft awards

International craft awards are not easy to come by, but Mandy Shedden of Keep On Crafting in Suffolk won a few while trading from her shop in Bury St Edmunds.

It was because of the faithful customers who nominated Keep on Crafting in sufficient numbers for her to win.

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The European Style paper bead making tool is especially designed for creating big hole beads (BHB\'s as they are known).

Beads made with the 5mm European style paper bead making tool can be easily fitted with silver cores that will give your beads a beautiful finish.

European style paper beads made with this tool will fit Pandora style bracelets and other larger stringing materials such as leather cord.

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You can see a video about making European style beads here.

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Julie Driscoll
Southwold Beach Huts by Julie Driscoll

"Julie Driscoll...she sounds really familiar...where do I know that name from?"

That was the response I got from a friend when I said Suffolk artist Julie Driscoll was the next painter to be featured here.


"Oh my goodness! Julie Driscoll - that 60s singer! Wow - she paints now? And lives in Suffolk?"

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